Friday, December 25, 2009


Just in time for the Holidays, here's some fun nonsense courtesy Christopher Knight and the L.A. Times:

Short version: The kids over at Andrew Breitbart's twin conservative-entertainment-professional wildlife preserves, "Big Hollywood" and "Big Government," (which politically saavy people, liberals especially, should be checking at least once a day; because it's basically a one-stop source for tomorrow's crazy today) were in a snit about the White House Christmas Tree. Specifically, that newly-minted official-decorator Simon Doohan (an underground-art type, apparently) had included some collage-art ornaments made from image-scraps including a photoshop of Obama on Mt. Rushmore (okay, a little tacky) and transvestite performer Hedda Lettuce (I have no idea.) The worst offense, though, was a fragment of a Chairman Mao pic - further evidence, y'see, of Obama's hidden communism...

...except for the detail that the image in question was actually Andy Warhol's PARODY painting of Mao - the one wherein he defaced the dictator's famous portrait with lipstick and mascara.


Scroll down through the comments on Knight's article for Breitbart (who, all kidding aside, strikes me as far too sharp to keep getting caught in this shit - dude needs to crack the whip on his people) making an utter fool of himself defending the "reporting" (best to take the LOW bet on how long it takes for Reducto ad Hiterlium to rear it's head.)


Anonymous said...

Again with the political shit?

Review movies and get Obama's cock out of your mouth.

Fett101 said...

If you don't like it then don't read it.

I enjoy it. Keep it up.

Sebastian said...

I'm European, and propably what you Americans would call a "liberal", and once again I'm utterly amazed at the turn American politics have taken over the last couple of years.
Specifically, the American right.

And no, it's not about a simple disagreement in politics. It's not that they're conservatives - that's what I would *expect*, duh. No, it's that there seemingly aren't any conservatives left in America. All that remains are some batshit-insane, frothing from the mouth conspiracy theorist nutcases who have taken over the US rightwing mainstream.
What's so scary about the Becks, Malkins, Coulters and Breitbarts isn't the fact that *they're* crazy - which they are. It's the fact that such a great part of the American public *agrees* with them. The realization that a significant percentage of the American population not only thinks the world is 6000 years old, but that their current president is somehow in league with sinister forces out to get them, and some sort of secret Kenyan Socialist Nazi Muslim, is *really* unsettling.

David said...

@ sebastian. If it makes you feel better, in 30 years China will be the only major superpower left, so while we will have officially lost the cold war to someone who wasn't even fighting it, the people with all the power won't be nearly as crazy as is the norm. A

Alexander said...

To paraphrase Bill Maher: There is no liberals in this country anymore, the left moved to the right and the right moved into the nuthouse.

Honestly though the thing that annoys and intrigues me about american politics it the way that people will use any argument to try and turn public opinion against the other party no matter how batshit crazy it is.