Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spider-Man 4 to get it half right?

File this under "probably strange enough to be semi-true," but Movieline says they know who the new people are in "Spider-Man 4": http://www.movieline.com/2009/12/exclusive-spider-man-4-circling-john-malkovich-anne-hathaway.php?page=1

Sez them, Sony Pictures vetoed "The Lizard" for being too strange; so the main enemy will be "The Vulture" - possibly to be played by John Malkovich. Sez them also: The story about Felicia Hardy ("The Black Cat") turning up is also true, as is rumored casting of Anne Hathaway, except instead of Cat she'll become a female counterpart to Vulture. (Vulture has wings, for the record. That's pretty much the whole idea.)

Some of this sounds like bullshit, some of it doesn't. Vulture is 100% plausible. He's part of the "main cast" of 60s Spider-Man enemies that Raimi prefers to draw from (Rhino, Mysterio, Shocker, Electro and Beetle are most of the others) and he fits in nicely with the general theme of main bad guys from the better-recieved (than #3) first films - i.e. an inventor using his technology to go on a crime/revenge spree. It's also true that Raimi has been trying like hell to get him into the series for a long time - he was supposed to be "co-baddie" in Part 3 before Marvel/Sony insisted on Venom. If you're wondering why Lizard is apparently too strange for the screen but alien-goo-monster Venom wasn't, simple: Money. Venom is one of Marvel's most consistently-marketable properties on the toy/shirt side (he's never been able to carry a book, though.)

The "made-up" part, if there is one, is probably Hathaway-as-Hardy-as-"Vulteress;" but not enough to be dissmissed outright. A recurring theme (THE recurring theme?) in Vulture stories is that he's an old man, and his flying-suit technology is always getting stolen by younger, more ambitious wannabes. If so, it's likely that this was in the script from the beginning and someone had the idea to borrow the name of an existing supporting-player for her civilian identity. Unfortunately for them, as always happens with these things, a casting sheet got to the fans before the announcement did, and now instead of going "heh, thats a reference" they'll be all bent out of shape at the character not being in it's original form (doubly true here, since let's face it - LOT'S of people wanted to see a flesh-and-blood actress in that outfit.)

Movieline isn't a "fanboy" site, so if this is either close to or very far away from truth, there'll be word from Sony soon enough.


untra said...

Damn, I was betting on Mysterio. That guy would have the coolest costume to act in. Or cheesiest depending on your perspective.

Leoja92 said...

Nice to see that good casting has returned to the spider-man movies. Malkovich would diffidently be my first choice for the vulture either him or Clint Eastwood, but that movie might be to awesome.

Anonymous said...

I really hate to see Sony "Fox-ing up" Spiderman... again...

I have to admit John Malkovich would/could be a great Vulture, though it's the last character I expected to see. I think the casting in general has been Aces so far.

Suffice to say, after the semi-disaster that was #3, it will take some damn good reviews to get me into the next one.

Sean said...

Hrm. Don't know how I feel about this. I really wanted to see Black Cat. But I wanted to see Venom done right too.

I think Venom and maybe Carnage deserved their own movie, but not in 3--more like 5 or even better, 6. Venom is kind of a weak character but the original black suit arc had a lot of cool implications for Peter, especially the way it's been retold in the animated series. The 94 show did a great 3-parter for it that summed it up well, and the season-long Venom arc in the new Spectacular Spiderman series was fantastic, like everything that under-appreciated show does.

Cramming the black suit/Venom arc in with Harry, Gwen and Sandman in 3 was sloppy and asking for trouble.