Thursday, January 07, 2010

Clash of the Titans score

Apparently everyone but me HATED the heavy(ish) metal music in the trailer for the "Clash of The Titans" trailer; in which case that same everyone is about to be very, very angry...

According to Chud the film may forgoe a "traditional" singular-composer score in favor of a score by rock band Muse:

This is how out of the loop I am on popular music: Is Muse still "cool," or has the Stephanie Meyer connection killed it for them? Whatever, I like their stuff for the most part. They aren't precisely "metal," closer to a self-parody riff on a kind of Radiohead/early-Queen fusion, but they're "bigger" material trends close to "symphonic metal" like Symphony X.

For what it's worth, I'm MASSIVELY in favor of this... ANYTHING to avoid another tired variation on the "Gladiator" score for this genre. The "Clash" remake looks to be eschewing the traditional Greek mythology visual tropes for something closer to Frazetta-type "high fantasy" pulp-art, which has ALWAYS mixed tremendously well with metal/symphonic-hard-rock. If this goes through, watching this flick is gonna feel like a Man-o-War album cover come to life; and that's a damn good feel as far as I'm concerned.


Chris said...

Don't worry Bob, all us metalheads liked it :)

I like Muse too, but their music probably won't fit too well. A folk or viking metal band would have been way better.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, it should have gone to Bear McCreary. I'm consistently surprised by the depth of his Galactica scores, and can't wait until he gets a chance to score a blockbuster epic.

Josh said...

Still, dude, I think The Used's "Pretty Handsome Awkward" fit with the Clash trailer fantastically, but they're not Metal. They're seriously not metal. If you're going to get specific enough to make references to "symphonic metal," for christ's sake, at least acknowledge that The Used are post-punk, or Screamo.

Otherwise, good post.

Disco said...

I'm not a big metal guy, but I don't understand why everyone got so worked up over this.
Metal and asskicking, buffalo wings and blue cheese, Irish music and beer- these things all go well together. If something works, why mess with it?

But I'd like to interject that, though there's nothing really incorrect about the label, Muse is more of an "alt" or "prog" rock band than a metal band. In fact, this is why I think the pairing works well; if they were a metal band (something like Mastodon or System of a Down, not to say that they are the same thing), I would find it repulsive and clich├ęd. Setting that same trailer to "Let the Bodies hit the Floor" would probably make me wretch.
However, Muse, with their grandiose presentation of rock with metal themes just seems natural and aesthetically compatible. You may have already made this exact same point.

As for the Twilight effect, Muse is ranked as the third most popular artist on, behind Lady Gaga and above Radiohead. So I guess they would be as cool as being popular permits them to be.

Bob said...

See, this is what I mean about being "out of the loop" on the music scene... do they not still kick bands out of the pro-rock cool-kids-club once it becomes apparent that they're kinda "kidding"?

Josh said...

I mean, I sure as hell don't. What is the "music scene?" who speaks for it? These things baffle me.

tyra menendez said...

nah, they don't kick them out for "kidding". examples: dethklok and gwar.
ironically, dethklok/metalocalypse reignited my interest in metal.

i think only indie snobs care about the cool-club.

however, this trailer would work equally well with something like mastodon's colony of birtchmen. let the bodies hit the floor is a shit song, anyway.

Mark said...

hmmm.... i certainly don't mind Muse, but as a composer, i regret this missed opportunity. you're probably right that it would be another Hans Zimmer paint-by-numbers rip off score, but what if - what if - it got in the hands of somebody willing to do something different? it could be awesome.

Like who? i don't know. not many people are out there

Josh said...

Someone different? Like... MUSE???

As a student film-maker (as in I'm a student, and I make student-films) I applaud the decision to take a risk with who they hire to make the music, because it virtually assures that a risk will be taken. Muse has a wide range of styles covered in their music, I'm confident this will be awesome.