Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes

Yes, I watched the Golden Globes.

Yes, the Golden Globes are an utterly worthless institution.

Yes, Sandra Bullock winning ANYTHING for "Blind Side" is preposterous, but it's not worth being outraged over because it's just a Globe and as mentioned before the Globes are worthless - position I will maintain up until if and when I'm nominated for one, at which point they will become a tremendous honor I've been dreaming of recieving since I was a small boy.

Yes, once Us/InTouch/etc "catch up" to the whole "and he's her ex-husband" thing, Kathryn Bigelow is going to be the most-sympathized-with woman in America - primary by women who've never seen one of her movies and had no idea what "The Hurt Locker" was before last night.

Yes, James Cameron actually delivered a portion of his acceptance speech in his own made-up space-alien language. I'm still trying to decide whether that's the most awesomely nerdy thing anyone has ever done at an awards show or just kinda lame. It would not surprise me at all to learn that he speaks Na'vi more fluently than I speak English.

Yes, I'd like to find out how much sound and/or light would be completely shut out if one tried to check Christina Hendricks' heartbeat. Failing that, I'd like to see the same experiment performed by Elizabeth Banks.

Yes, I'm starting to come-around on the "Avatar is very-possibly going to win Best Picture" train. It's not in my top-ten, it won't be my favorite of the nominees... but unless District 9 is also nominated I'm compelled to root for it. "Best Picture" going to an action-epic about blue kitty-people fighting soldiers piloting mecha-suits is a HUGE step forward for getting "genre film" out of the ghetto once and for all.


Rubbav1 said...

Bob, genre films have never been in the ghetto especially in the Academy Award sense.

2007 - No Country for Old Men was a western/monster film

2006 - Was a Cop action film that was also a remake of a Chinese gangster hit.

2003 - Lord of the Rings. Enough. Said.

2002 - Chicago is a musical which is a genre film no matter how stupid you believe it to be.

2000 - Gladiator is a ancient carnage film.

1995 - Braveheart see above.

1992 - Unforgiven is a western.

1991 - Silence of the Lambs is a horror film

The 80's can fuck off. Even though Raiders of the Lost Ark did get a nod.

1977 - Annie Hall is a romantic comedy, even though it beat out Star Wars there have been less romantic comedy wins.

1976 - Rocky is a sport movie

1973 - The Sting is a heist flick

1972 - The Godfather is a gangster film, Godfather II doesn't count because, well, just look at it.

1971 - The French Connection is a cop film

1968 - Oliver is a musical (what did I just say!)

1965 - The Sound of Music - above

1964 - My Fair Lady - above

1961 - West Side Story musical/gangster film - You can avoid it all you want but nowadays musicals have been put through the rings more than the Batman films.

After that I will admit you have a point. Beyond that B movies were only seen in Saturday matinees. But come on! Don't throw a big sulk just because you felt the largely overrated Dark Knight should have gotten a nod. Do not blind yourself by claiming an injustice that doesn't exist. 21% of all Oscar wins were genre films in one way or another.

Bob said...

My own fault for not clarifying, but in modern movie/critic slang "genre film" generally refers to scifi, fantasy and horror.

Rubbav1 said...

Lambs...Lord of the Rings... yes... no...

Bob, appreciated film styles come and go in fashion so that one decade Spielberg style is seen as being the best the next decade Spielberg's style's seen as too corny, they now prefer Cassavetes. Chaplin goes down in popularity, Keaton goes up. Content and genre only matters when films become so dull that all the films seem to be the same.

Which hasn't happened in Hollywood's perception since the 80's

tyra menendez said...

the oscars are also political. 'nuff said.
and i don't mean political in the sense of national politics, like who's running for election politics. more in the sense of office politics or schoolyard politics. y'know, just to clarify my point (also known as "in-before-x").
also, accepting in a language you made up? more pretentious and, perhaps, self-aggrandizing. i don't think even tolkien could get away with that.

Anonymous said...

The Oscars are fairly worthleess too, Bob. Only film awards I can think of that hold any sort of prestige anymore is the Palme d'Or.

Greybob said...

Movies in general have gone down the crapper... they just don't make them like they used to. )':

Rubbav1 said...

First the Oscars do matter. But to the cynic the Oscars probably only matter in an economic sense. Do you have any idea how much a film makes simply by getting a nod? Hell, Slumdog could have been sent to straight to DVD obscurity.

Also strongly disagree with Greybob statement but it does remind me from a line from Peter B.'s Targets in which it states that they don't make good films anymore in the sense that all of your favorite films have already been made. It's a psychological mind twist that cynics make for themselves.

Greybob said...

Hey, it was just a joke. Zombieland was pretty awesome!

And what's wrong with being a cynic?

tyra menendez said...

seems to me, the opposite of cynical is naive.
though, i will agree that "they don't make 'em like they used to" is a nostalgic trap.
of course, in a way, it's true, but simply because the grammar of film has changed over the century since its inception. the problem with nostalgia is that it's basically, selectively remembering the good and not the bad.

sdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg said...

Fuck, they might as well have dubbed Avatar the "best motherfucking experience ever to come into existance of all time."

Anonymous said...

I don't know what this, "They don't make them like they used to," crap is, but I've been incredibly impressed by the cinema of the last 5 or so years of my life.

And the only people winning the Oscar's should really matter to is those in the business. Despite this, the Oscars still matter to any fan of the cinema. You get a list of films widely recognized by the people in the business as the best for that year. It may not be exhaustive, but it's great info for trying to figure out the next movie to see. "Oh, I really like that actor, he was nominated for his performance in this movie, I should see it." Or, "Oh man, I never expected that movie to get such acclaim, maybe I should reconsider my opinion on it and go rent it."

FigmentJedi said...

I'm crossing my fingers for Up to make it to Best Picture. Would definitely bust a huge hole in the Animation Age Ghetto mindset the medium suffers from.

Rubbav1 said...

The opposite of cynicism is hopeless optimism. The problem with a cynical mindset is that they assume that history works retroactively which isn't always safe to assume but hey, it's kind of what Yahtzee said 'if you're wrong so what, but if you're right you get to rub it everyone's face'

A cynic is not a gambling man, and is thus less fun.

Bob said...

Cynics gamble plenty - we're just clever enough to not do it with our own money ;)

Vincent said...

Good grief, the Golden Globes really ARE trash! I just checked the nominees and winners... fuck me what crappy selections.

Let's have a think about the awesome films that came out last year: Avatar, District 9, Watchmen, Up. I also thought Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr Fox were pretty damn good too, and Up In The Air was also good. I was disappointed that Funny People didn't at least get nominated for Best Comedy. I saw that film in a packed Times Square cinema and people were rolling in the aisles for the whole 2.5 hours of the film (except the touching/sad parts of course).

Yuck. The Golden Globes suck balls.

Vincent said...

Oops I forgot to mention Inglourious Basterds too. And I'm sure there were other awesome films I neglected too. I would LOVE for Up to win Best Picture at the Oscars. What a flawless film it was. It was absurdly moving while also being action-packed and funny. It's about time a 3D animated film won Best Picture.

Rubbav1 said...

Then that's not really gambling now, is it?

That's called being an artist.