Monday, January 11, 2010

Ultimate Spider-Man: The Movie

Good Spider-Man Movies: 2001-2010. RIP.

The question of whether or not the movie industry would have an earth-shaking, massive angry-talent/angry-studio story of the year to match Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC has been answered. Deadline Hollywood is reporting - and Sony is confirming - that the difficulties surrounding "Spider-Man 4" (read: Sam Raimi won't budge on using the characters/plot he wants to) have led to a major shakeup: Raimi is gone, along with the ENTIRE cast and continuity of the series up to this point:

It's over. The series is done.

Sony's plan - detailed enough for anyone to conclude that this is what they ultimately wanted for a long time now - is to RE-START the whole thing. Peter Parker back in high-school, "Ultimate Marvel"-style. New go-round of the origin, newer, younger actors in the roles.

A re-boot. Of a franchise that isn't even a decade old. The last installment of which broke $300 Million US. This the "nightmare scenario" everyone was worried about when the remake/reboot thing went started to get out of control.

The only positive to come out of this is a creatively-freed Sam Raimi. Everything else... WOW, this is going to suck. The whole history of this series has been Raimi and his people holding fast against bad ideas from the studio. Can you IMAGINE what a "hip young teenaged" Spider-Man is going to look like with only Sony and whatever jobber filmmaker donates his body to this in charge? The mind reels at whom they might cast - remember, before Raimi stepped in Freddie Prinze Jr. was going to get the part. And you can probably bet good money that Venom will turn up right away... and probably Carnage, too, along with every other worthless fucking 90s Spidey villain that still moves a fucking t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least there will always be "Spider-Man 2."

Anonymous said...

Think of it as a...


David said...

@ anon

Only this is awesome.
I never liked the raimi movies. I feel people liked them the way they liked the early batman films. But after nolan came in and showed everyone how it should have been done, burton's efforts look embarassing now.

Get a decent director (I'm tempted to say joss whedon, but then he'd find away to give qwen stacy superpowers and make her the hero) who writes a non emo spiderman, get a lead actor who can actually act, and actually do something with the 300 million it costs tomake these movie instead of a few lackluster fight scenes and some half baked feel good ending.

I really want to see the high school version, where they use the emerging powers as a metaphor for growing up. Considering how immature the leads acted in the raimyverse, I think even he would agree with me.

Leoja92 said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a follow up to drag me to hell from Raimi.

Styphax said...

These things happen. Marvel is already doing what they've been doing forever though, building variations on Spiderman. They have enough spamming up the film market that Spiderman being neutered won't bother non comic fans. And Regular spidey fans should be used to it at this point.

Euler d'Moogle said...

You know... as a fan of speculative fiction for too many years, I feel nothing here. I've seen so many good things go down the drain because of executive meddling that I just don't feel it anymore. Of course this was never really "My" series, being more of a DC guy than a Marvel fan but it's still a loss to fandom everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually glad thaht they are doing a reboot.


Yes you heard me, fucking hated all three movies.

The first one is ok at best but the other two are unwatchable pices of shit!

Red Priest Rezo said...

>>And you can probably bet good money that Venom will turn up right away... and probably Carnage, too, along with every other worthless fucking 90s Spidey villain that still moves a fucking t-shirt.

And if that will be at least close to what Spiderman animated series was like, it will be AWESOME. Raimi's "oldschool Spiderman" was pretty damn average.

And yeah, I'm really glad they are doing a reboot. It might suck, but it also might be good. And I think that's better than a garantied so-so movie.

Mark said...

sheesh. this is crazy. i hated S3 so much, though, so maybe this is a good thing. or wait.... whose fault was it that S3 was so bad?

Sean said...

The only way this reboot can be good is if they get the people from the Spectacular Spiderman animated show to do it.

Seriously, against all odds those guys took the high school spidey concept and turned it into gold, on children's television, with Venom in the first season. And the Venom arc was GOOD.

I know, if you haven't seen the show what I'm saying sounds crazy but it's the single most faithful adaptation of the Lee/Ditko stuff put to a screen, big or small. The spirit is there, all the characters are there, the humor is there, it's like watching the freaking comics but with a fresh take and some honest-to-god plot twists.

Trust me. Buy the box set of season 1 and give it a look, any spidey fan will love it.

Smashmatt202 said...

I found out about this yesterday, it's bullshit! I'm just as angry as you about it... Well, maybe not AS angry, but pretty damn near close!

Steve said...

I fear that those saying this will be good are forgetting one crucial point - we've already seen what Sony's Spiderman will be like, it was called Spiderman 3. After the problems they had with Raimi there's no way in hell they're going to go with anything less than a studio puppet as director and they're either going to copy the Batman series (very very wrong tone for Spiderman) or it's gonna be a Twilight-style piece of tennage BS.

On the plus side Raimi is now free to do other projects. I'd like to see his take on Warcraft although not half as much as I'd like Evil Dead 4...

tyra menendez said...

hmm. a 50+ bruce campbell as ash... better yet, wait a few years and go all "dark knight returns" with the concept. could be interesting.

oh, and nolan's batman movies are just as fanciful as tim burton's. only they had more character and less "i'm dark and brutal and gritty" 90's comics' fare. anyone who thinks the last two batman movies are more realistic, needs a reality-check.

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It's a huge budget Hollywood comic book blockbuster, you're going to see it anyway, and I'm not going to try to stop you.