Friday, January 29, 2010

Wall Street 2

Gotta say, this "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" trailer is about 90% perfect:

I'm speaking, of course, of all the stuff that involves treating Gordon Gekko's return like that of some iconic movie hero/villain to power, shades of the "Hannibal" trailer, etc. The question mark, naturally, is the focus on Shia LeBeouf - who's batting zip for 80s revamp movies so far and who's presence seems to have moved into the "automatic eyeroll" territory in trailers.


tyra menendez said...

speaking of 80's sequels: i heard about a possible ghost busters. a remake would be terrible, but a sequel that involves all the original characters/actors coming back together, that much older? could be interesting.

also, glad to have you back.

Silent Jay said...

Why? That's all I want to know why?

Vincent said...

Shia isn't to blame for the shittiness of '80s remake films. He's a talented guy, but he just needs to get cast in good movies.