Tuesday, February 02, 2010

International "Clash"

IGN provides the "international" trailer for "Clash of The Titans."


Heavy-Metal, drumming-scorpion and most of the money shots you've already seen are all intact, but it's our first look at the broader story concept. Short version: They aren't kidding with the "Damn The Gods" tagline - this very-much seems to be about humanity VERSUS the Olympians... think a role-reversed "Left Behind" with more visually-dynamic deities.

Fuck. Yes.

PLEASE don't suck.


Anonymous said...

If it resembles the trailer... it may end up sucking. I had to cringe a few times because of all the cliché oneliners used and the "bigger, badder, louder" feel to it.
In comparison, 300 may have been limited story wise (among other things), but I personally felt the makers weren't taking themselves too seriously. So the bad-ass attitude could run amok in my humble opinion...
So repeating your words: "please don't suck".

Mr.G said...

No Calibos? It already sucks!

Bob said...

the monster-ish looking guy with the dreadlocks seen jumping in the forest in Calibos, if I'm not mistaken.

Mr.G said...

There appear to be several dreadlock-ish looking guys in forests in the trailer. Non of them look sufficiently monster enough to be Calibos, at least by my standards. I also can't seem to find a cast listing for Calibos on any movie websites so I'm more then a little concerned. Still I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the movie for now. If only because they have managed the impossible of breaking my jaded outer shell of movie apathy and actually sparked my interest in the film through a series of increasingly kick ass trailers. Bastards. Still ... no Bubo? It already sucks!