Friday, February 26, 2010

Karate Kid remake explains itself

The "international" trailer for the Karate Kid remake ("spiritual successor," more like) includes dialogue explaining/excusing the problematic title/content dissonance - i.e. the movie is set in CHINA and the "kid" is clearly using/learning KUNG-FU - and otherwise continues the alarming trend of the domestic trailers of looking actually pretty good:

What can I say? I'm liking the unromantic/unvillainous vision of contemporary China, and it looks like Jackie Chan has made a conscious decision to NOT phone this one in. Who knows, anymore...


Joe said...

Bob, this is not about the Karate Kid, BUT about the new Spider Man.

apparently, Marc Webb has been speaking to James Cameron for advice on how 3D filmmaking.

tyra menendez said...

Why did I get excited by that trailer? By all means, this movie should represent one of the horrible things about current movies, with the endless parade of 80's nostalgia remakes, reboots, and updates. But, for some reason, this trailer makes me want to go see this.

Mykal said...

Well generally Jackie Chan doesn't phone in his work. He goes for the comedy angle more often then anything else. It is more fun for him, and ends up selling more because of that.

It does look to be good, though the thing the keeps bugging me is if in China wouldn't the kids be speaking Chinese/Mandorin. Odds are they do speak both in the movie in the movie.

Still it has a lot of potential, and hey it could be worse.