Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Oscars 2009

I'm more-than-likely doing a "nominations piece" for "Escape" on Friday, but for now my immediate reaction is as follows:

1.) Let all who doubt that putting-on-a-good-show "narrative" ever enters into the nominating process gaze on the dual 9 nominations for Hurt Locker and Avatar - turning the cutesy "battle of the exes" meme into a literal dead-heat. As of right now, my money would be on the safe bet: "Avatar" for Best Picture (annointing the now-official biggest-movie-ever, it IS a game-changer and putting the cherry on the new audience-friendly 10-nominations angle) and Bigelow for director (first female win, oh-wow-girl-who-makes-boy-movies, everyone was pissed when the Globes passed her over for her ex-husband, etc.) NEITHER is the best of the year in my estimation, but whatever.

2.) The 10 Nominations thing is, as far as I'm concerned, a HUGE success here in terms of getting good "big" movies into the running AND breaking open the genre-ghetto. True, "Avatar" probably would've been nominated anyway being such a juggernaut, but "District 9" and "Up?" AWESOME...

3.) ...Almost awesome enough to take the sting out of "Blind Side" being up there - which is a fucking disgrace. People will be pissy about "Avatar" being up there "just because it's popular" - but let's be clear here: "Blind Side" is the undeserving movie nominated as a sop to the cheap-seats this year.

4.) The Academy clearly loves "Inglorious Basterds," Christoph Waltz is going to win and I think Tarantino is a good bet for Original Screenplay... so where's Melanie Laurent? I know, I know, Best Supporting Actress already has Mo'Nique's name on it, but still. Penelope Cruz was sex-on-legs in "Nine," but it was a nothing role and the movie was horrible. I'd prefer to see Anna Kendrick win, solidifying her as the breakout star of the year (and officially the first person from "Twilight" to be 'safe' from having it ruin their career)

5.) The performances in "Precious" were so good that it's Best Picture nomination is... okay, I guess. It's an akwardly-made, overwrought movie, but whatever. Plus, let's face it, NOBODY wanted to see the headlines if it didn't ("Oscar even prefers BLUE PEOPLE to Black People!!!") But Lee Daniels shouldn't be up for director, not when it could've gone to Neil Blomkamp.


Brigitte said...

I'm definitely seeing Up for best original score again. Best animated movie is really unsure to me.
When I've already seen the Golden Globes, the outcomes for the Oscars are usually pretty clear.
So I'm really looking forward to the animated shorts this year. I always take note of them and go find them somewhere online to watch.

But anyway, I can't wait for the Oscars. 8D


Smashmatt202 said...

Here's what I'm hoping for:

Best Picture: Either District 9 or Up
Best Animated Feature Film: Up (or The Princess and the Frog, but Up's a sure-win)
Art Direction: Either Avatar or The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Cinematography: Avatar
Costume Design: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Directing: Inglourious Basterds
Film Editing: Avatar, District 9, or Inglourious Basterds
Music (original score): Up
Music (original song): Down in New Orleans (The Princess and the Frog)
Sound Editing: Up
Visual Effects: ...You know what, I'm actually not sure about this one...
Writing (Adapted Screenplay): District 9
Writing (Original Screenplay): Up

Everything else, I'm either not sure about, or don't care about. So, yeah, you can probably tell what are my favorites.

Andy said...

I'm actually pleased by most of the choices this year, but I am pissed off that Moon couldn't get a single nod. Personally I thought it was much better sci-fi film than District 9. They both deserve to be up there more than The Blind Side. I just got done watching the Hurt Locker and was very disappointed, I just don't think it deserves the praise it's been getting.

Nick said...

Agree with many of your points.

Typo in #5. Awkwardly.

I'm upset that they probably won't even consider Watchmen, for best everything.

Anonymous said...

Moon doesn't have enough explosions and Watchmen sucks because it's too similar/different to/than the book.

Kyle said...

So, is there any pull to naming the "top 5" or "real" nominees for Best Picture? I mean this is the Internet. I would have expected that kind of opinionated list-making for fun and ire. Just a thought. :)

S. James said...

I'm hoping against hope for Coraline for best animated feature. Up was great and all, but Coraline was much more interesting to watch.

Art direction and costume design should go to Parnassus, hands down. I would have also given it the story and Tom Waits a best supporting actor nod for Mr. Nick.

It would be nice to see Randy Newman get original song.

I wonder if it's possible to give an anti-Oscar, not a razzie, but some sort of award that manages to envelope the film's existence and erase it from this plane. That should be a split between The Blind Side and Transformers 2.

Bob said...


The critical-consensus seems to be that the ones also nominated for Director are the "real" ones, but I don't buy it - director/picture is a one-or-the-other all the time in the past.

Madiosn B. said...

I think everyone who had the slightest idea of what a movie should be like was pissed to see "The Blind Side" up there. I'm hoping "District 9" take home the gold, no matter how much of a crazy chance in hell it may be. Eager to see your Oscars piece up on the escapist!

Taylor said...

You seem to be preempting criticism of Avatar on the standard "Ferngully/Dances with Smurfs" levels-which I'd argue are completely valid if overused critiques-but I'd like to posit that Avatar being a favorite and, worse, winning would really be a giant middle finger to narrative/genre fiction rather than the recognition it is billed as.
I seem to be the only living person who thought Avatar was a full-on bad movie, but even if you thought it was good I can't see anyone with an ounce of taste not seeing that District 9 and Up were better movies.
After decades of Oscar ignoring imaginative genre fiction, giving the award to Avatar would be to give the award to something safe...a safe plot with a safe director and the kind of blandly good graphics that owe more to a bloated special effects budget than Miyazaki-style imagination.
It would solidify the idea that genre fiction is valuable as spectacle and only spectacle and can only be evaluated as spectacle. It would give the precedent for continuing to snub any genre fiction that goes for subtlety over explosions and doesn't merchandise itself into oblivion to afford a gigantic special effects budget.
Even if it isn't as atrocious as Blindside getting the nod, I think it affirms the same kind of studio safety that you expounded upon in your excellent intermission article on it.
I've never felt too bad about genre fiction getting the snub from Oscar, but I think it's much worse for the wrong movie to get the nod.

Funky Al said...

I'm honestly kind of disappointed Watchmen didn't get a nod for best director. It's not best picture material, sure, but the sheer amount of easter eggs and nods to the comic deserves SOMEthing.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, you stupid cunt for saying that The Blind Side & Precious suck, you ignorant piece of shit. I actually fuckin' hated District 9, as it was a shitty, poorly made, meanspirited movie. Stop being a ignorant manchild, you fuckin' retard.

Bob said...

"Fuck you, you stupid cunt for saying that The Blind Side & Precious suck, you ignorant piece of shit. I actually fuckin' hated District 9, as it was a shitty, poorly made, meanspirited movie. Stop being a ignorant manchild, you fuckin' retard."

This is my new favorite comment ever.

Electron Blue said...

"Fuck you, you stupid cunt for saying that The Blind Side & Precious suck, you ignorant piece of shit. I actually fuckin' hated District 9, as it was a shitty, poorly made, meanspirited movie. Stop being a ignorant manchild, you fuckin' retard."

So that comment was in no way meanspirited at all nope