Wednesday, March 03, 2010

ETTM Special: "Academy Awards"

Because why not?


Rubbav1 said...

Welles did win an Oscar for co-writing 'Citizen Kane'

Anonymous said...

Bob, I respect your opinion greatly. Countless times have a read or listened to your words and gone, Yes, very yes. However District 9 was by far the worst of the best picture nominees I have seen (I didn't see Blindside, Precious, or A Serious Man). I'd even go as far as saying it doesn't even deserve a nomination. A good movie, yes. But that's it.

As for your guess that the voting system may inadvertently favor Inglourious Basterds, that seems plausible enough. I wouldn't surprised the Up in the Air's results are greatly bolstered in a very similar fashion.

Rubbav1 said...

On the subject of District 9, I would have to agree with...this guy (I also haven't seen the Blindside). But I would probably say that "Up" has a greater chance than "Basterds" (even though it's probably my least favorite Pixar film next to "Cars"). I would like you to look back at the third act of District 9. Now, you have mentioned in your top ten list that D-9 combines a high concept scifi actioner with a video game. Now, I agree with this but I don't agree that that's a good thing. On a texture standpoint, I felt that it broke flow and gritty realistic look of Jo-berg as it became like watching someone play "Half-Life".

American filmmakers can't seem to direct actual intense action anymore (like the Chinese can). I felt the same way when I watched Zombieland when I expected it to become "Hot Fuzz" mixed with "Shaun of the Dead" but instead, it was just "House of the Dead".

What do you think?

Joe said...

Hey Bob!

Great videos as always.

I was wondering if you would ever be voicing your opinion about the validity of motion capture/cgi performances?

It seems that every time an actor gives a great performance as a cgi creature (Andy Serkis in LotR and King Kong, Zoe Saldana in Avatar) that there's always a big commotion of whether or not their effort if qualified for an acting award.

Here's some articles regarding this topic.,,20339177,00.html

Should actors who give mo-cap performances be recognized for their efforts? Or are their efforts rendered moot by the fact that the filmmakers can completely manipulate their character's movements in the final film?

Thanks for reading!

Philippe said...

I think that fit well with your theory about the hurt locker