Friday, April 02, 2010

Escape to the Movies: "Clash of the Titans"



Chris said...

Even as an avid reader/viewer I was surprised at how nothing on your "Bob likes" list was unknown to me. Well it's not like you went to any great length to hide it :)


Dav3 said...

So if I make a movie set in the 80's about an all-girl metal band on tour with their pet monkey and Frank Castle for a tour-bus driver, and they all get trapped overnight in Jackrabbit Slim's with a stray dog who transforms into a Shaolin Monk just when the monster-museum next door comes to life...

then, in your opinion, that would be the best movie ever?

Guess all I need now is a title.

Anonymous said...

--w8 when did Greek mythology started to be like the Hercules TV series opening story ??? Many characters in Greek mythos are free minded, Antigone,Achilles and Europe for examples and gods accepted it and about the gods I wont even start, for one example which greek god was the most joyful, openhearted, always in party mood and always making fun of other when they were too serious or too stiff plus everyone was pity him for having a "cow" for a wife??? well that would be zeus and by the way do you know the difference between zeus and deus ???

Saladin5 said...

Ha nice one my friend well said to you but mostly to anonymous guy that corrected you And about the question zeus was the gods his title it means 'the just' the actual word means a measurement organ deus is the common name for day in Latin and Dias was the name of the god that was the head and leader (and father) in the family of the 12 Olympians gods

tyra menendez said...

I'm slightly twitching, from the lack of grammar, up there.

I don't like monkeys. Monkeys are evil, nasty, little shits. Gorillas are great, but chimps, orangs, and monkeys repulse me. And if you like gorillas, read Last Chance to See, by Douglas Adams, it has a great chapter about going to see the silver back gorillas.

The 50's are only cool, on the surface. While hippies suck, let's face it, the only reason you're allowed to enjoy your interracial lesbian porn, is because of he cultural revolution, of the 60's. But, yeah, a good crime noir with lugs and dames gets my motor revving. But I like it better, when it's done like Blade Runner: 50's style without all the racism and wife-beating.
I still only get the lesbian-thing, anthropologically (and not at all about being squemish about the male form), and I like fight scenes to be a combination of super-martial-arts-super-heroics and two people beating the shit out of each other. I want to see the damage done. I'd actually have to say something like the fight between Marv and Kevin, in Sin City; super martial artist Kevin and super brawler Marv with just enough ballet and things that make you go, "Ow".
And 80's usually only works for me if the movie is that good, I'm feeling that nostalgic about a movie from my childhood, or it's making fun of the mentality of the 80's.

I pretty much agree with everything else. Sorry for being such a windbag.

Christian said...

Isn't that misotheism, rather than atheism?

Sarge said...

I'm HEAVILY twitching from Tyra's use of commas.

So if Bob gives the atrocity against narrative coherency that was Clash of the Titans, what the bleeding tits does it take for him to give a movie an out-and-out negative review? Aside from Transformers, which he clearly only disliked because of his pre-existing (and neither unfounded or controversial) distaste for all things Bay.

And he pretends to be controversial! While contributing to the same web-zine that Yahtzee Croshaw contributes to! CHRIST ON A FUCKING BICYCLE!

Sarge said...

"If bob gives the atrocity against narrative coherency that was Clash of the Titans *a moderately positive review*"

is what it's supposed to say. my b, dawgs.

Anonymous said...

The movie wasn't half bad. Everyone who claims it was somehow terrible needs to get over themselves. It wasn't high art by any means, but it was an entirely adequate piece of work.

Also, tyra: kudos for being an Adams fan. I hope you've read everything else he's written. Nothing else in the literary world compares, and as an avid book reader, I'm dead serious about that.

Andrew The Eternal said...

So does Hades get a fair rap in this movie?

That is the one thing that bothers me about Greek mythology on screen: the tendency to try and jury-rig Hades into a Satan/Devil role. Hades was a relatively good person for a Greek God.

Speaking of that, I would have loved Ares as a villain in a movie like this. The God of War, properly handled, would make a very subtle mockery of testosterone-driven movies. Plus, the final action scene would practically write itself.