Saturday, April 03, 2010

"I Give A Damn"

Here's some insight into how my mind works.

Below, the innaugural TV spot for "I give a damn," a public service campaign aimed at making LGBT issues more publically talked-about - the idea being that the "I don't care what you do but I don't need to hear about it" attitude contributes to violence against gay, bisexual and transgendered people by keeping said issues "impolite to talk about." Nobel cause, tastefully executed, deserves the support of all thinking (or even just compassionate) people... all in all, very serious business:

...But yeah, I'll admit it: My FIRST thought (followed quickly by all the proper, compassionate and serious reactions, yes) was, "Whoa! Anna Paquin's into chicks? AWESOME!"

So, yeah... one-track-mind. Though I suppose it's worth noting that having the gorgeous lead actress of a hit TV show "out" herself in the spot is just about the most perfect (positive) publicity a campaign like this could ask for. The campaign's official site can be found HERE:


tyra menendez said...

In socially liberal circles (like Hollywood) it's perfectly acceptable to admit homosexuality and very uncool to make a "fag" joke. But it's not socially acceptable to admit to anyone you have a thing for trannies and they are still the butts of too many jokes. It's gotten better, in the last five years, but it's still not an equal playing field, in the LGBT community.
I just felt that should be said.

Anonymous said...

Read your comments before watching the video and thought you meant she came out as a lesbian for a second there. turns out she's just Bi (she's engaged to Stephen Moyer).
And I thought - unless you're planning to join the defence force or live in the South - it was actually becoming "hip/cool" to come out as gay or lesbian these days?

Cenobite829 said...

First off I want to say that this is a subject that does need more exposure and people should give a damn about. The military of all places should drop that stupid and moronic rule about gays and lesbians in the military and let them serve with the rest of us. If they're willing to die for this country then I say treat them the same as anyone else.
Second I am sick of the South being steriotyped like in the above comment. I was raised in GA as was my wife and many of our good friends are homosexuals. I also knew many very open homosexuals while I was in high school and while yes some of the kids were jerks to them the majority of the students didn't care. Guess what there are still hate crimes in every state of the union against homosexuals. So one of the ways to show that you give a damn is to not just brush it off with a "It only happens in the South." That kind of thinking pisses me off.

Dave said...

Wait...was that the guy who played Sal maroni in there?

But I digress.


That attitude is part of the problem. The idea that "they are just doing it for attention" is one of the excuses people use to deny gay people rights, by suggesting they aren't really gay.

tyra menendez said...

Though it is hip among teen and collage age girls to claim they are bi, for the attention from boys, honestly.

One of the reasons this stuff needs attention: do you realize that most states don't have equal protection laws for transgenders? That means, someone can't deny you a job for being gay or black, but they can, if you are transgender.

And yes, the south is still a haven of fundamentalist belief (I live in Arkansas), but they I see the stories coming out of New York, too. It's a nation-wide issue, not a southern one.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe heavily to the viewpoints expressed in Andrew Sullivan's book Virtually Normal. Marriage, yes. Military, yes. Equal opportunity for state and federal government employment and services, yes. But that's basically it.

I went to a college with a surprisingly large proportion of LGBT population as students. Many were perfectly normal people. Easy to get along with. However some needed to make sure you knew they were Gay. They had to directly remind you every few sentences. This is a problem. I don't want to hear stories about you, person I don't know, getting done up the butt. There are societal rules about when it is and isn't appropriate to be talking about sex (hetero or homo). Especially with people you just met/don't know. Same for excessive PDA. Kissing, hugging, holding hands is fine with me. Want to do more? Do it at home. Same for straight people. Keep that to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Do i give a damn? NOPE.....

Mykal said...

Got to love the fact it opens itself up to "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" line.

Personally think these kind of things are a waste of money. Don't like what is going on, work towards getting rid of the laws that cause that. Same as with Komen( ) being a waste of money to shove it into your face.

People rather do something that makes them feel better then actually try to change anything.

Oh, just in case I pissed off anyone by the Komen deal. They give little to no money(which is generally the case) towards actually fighting it. They like taking money. A better website that tries to actually fight it by making it possible for the it to be caught earlier.

tyra menendez said...

Yeah, because they were so eager to change the laws, BEFORE the people started to make noise about it, during the civil rights movement, in the 60's.

Dumb ass.

Foxy_Mulder said...

I gotta say watching so called celebrities telling other people they have to give a damn makes me feel nauseous because these people live in ivory towers and do not face the discrimination that the people they are supposedly supporting do face.

I'm all for equality just don't show it down our throats with nauseating ads which make me want to vomit.

Sharon Osborne telling me to give a damn....yah right.

Live and let live and lets not judge people by their sexuality or colour but at the same time please stop with the celebrity adverts where we are supposed to believe some of these people give a damn but in reality they are doing it because its "good publicity for themselves" and the politically correct thing to do.

Anonymous said...

As a bisexual and friend of gays, straights and trans, I can't tell you how annoying it is to have a society tell you that as long as they can't see it, it's okay. Oh sure, they aren't setting us on fire, and I am thankful for that, but I can't hold my partner's hand or kiss her on the cheek? My friend can't tell his boyfriend to have a good day at work and kiss him goodbye? I'm not saying that my community hasn't shot itself in the foot several times, but pretending it doesn't exist is harmful as well. If you're going to disapprove of two lesbians making out in public, then you should disapprove of all couples making out in public, and have a damn good reason to.

At least we're (slowly) moving forward.

Brad said...


Good on Anna for helping to pitch the upcoming season. As for the rest, who cares?

I guess this kind of thing is still big in the US.