Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Deadline Hollywood reports (and thus far no one refutes) that Megan Fox is OUT of "Transformers 3," apparently at the behest of Michael Bay:

So... not to be mean about it or anything... but at this point Megan Fox basically looks "done" as a feature film actress, right? Not even Jonah Hex fans care about the "Jonah Hex" movie, she was the sole marketing angle for the disasterous bomb that was "Jennifer's Body," nothing else significant to her credit OTHER than appearing in the awful Transformers movies... this is "it," yes? Maybe at least one "okay, but what if she was TOPLESS??" saving-throw role and then she's off either to a TV show or DTV-land with Denise Richards et al, right?


Mark said...

Sad thing is - the movie's going to suck anyway. If Bay loves Fox so much as he claimed after she compared him to Hitler and Napoleon, he should leave the movie too.

Peter S. said...

Not to deny the fact that Fox played a significant part in the advertising for Jennifer's Body, but I'd wager that the biggest hook for that movie was the fact that Diablo Cody wrote it. That seemed to be what everyone was talking about most given she was such a hot property after Juno.

Red Priest Rezo said...

At least Denise Richards really was sexy as hell. I can't say the same about Fox.

Anonymous said...

I hate Fox. She looks like a worn out porn star and has the same acting tallent as one, not to mention that she's both a bith and stupid like hell.

TF3 is now officialy at least 10% less sucky!

Btw have you seen who the new choises for the love interest are? My vote goest to Miranda Kerr. Rrrrrrrr...

Mark said...

It's not the love interest. I doubt that even Maggie Gyllenhaal could save the third Transformers film. Transformers needs to be rebooted in about a decade, in the hands of a competent director that understands his material well and has a natural passion for his work instead of being a hack like Bay.

Bimmy said...

lol at people who consider the Transformers franchise to be worth saving. It was a terrible show, and people are clinging to it purely out of nostalgia.

tom shapira said...

The Transformers Series will not be rebooted, it simply is too successful. No matter how much you may hate it, it's not gonna go away.

As for Jonah Hex - it looks bad, not because of Fox but because we've already been through the whole Cowboy-Cyberpunk mash and have not gone out well (terrible flashes to Wild Wild West will begin in 3, 2, 1...) so adding zombies / voodoo / what have you to the mix does not bode well.
We gotta ask ourselves - can DC handle any property not named Batman? love'em or hate'em Watchmen and Superman Returns were 'barley' successful, Constantine was forgotten (weren't they talking about a sequel?), LXG was... well, crap and everyone who was related to it likes to pretend it never happened. So far we have faild to see Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash or any other top-name properties go into production while Marvel have already progressed to the stage where they about an Ant Man flick without people laughing. Someone at DC needs to wake up or they may find themselves in future which has Night Thrasher 3, but no Flash.

Dave said...


Yes and no. The original cartoon is garbage and anyone who tries to say different is an idiot. It was incoherent, inconsistent with even its own logic, had massive plot holes, huge animation errors is every episode and was one of the more racist bits of children's entertainment to come out of the 80s.

But people who grew up in the 80s have a pathological inability to notice that crappiness of its cartoons.

Beast wars on the otherhand, was a ridiculously good show.

@ Tom

Spider Man is thankfully being rebooted, and how much money did people spend going to see those? EVERYTHING gets rebooted eventually.

Regarding DC, the probelm is that they haven't treated their non A list franchsies with respect. You knew jonah hex wasn't going to be good the second it was announced.

Anonymous said...

Heard of that. Makes me wonder who "douchebag Peter Parker" will go for in Transformers 3. Of course, I know you don't care about that. Least this means one less "useless human character".

Now, while you don't like Megan Fox, I think I can say something that could get her at least grudging respect out of you.

She liked the Wii.

Kyle said...

I like Megan Fox.

I dig the Transformer movies just fine (because I don't have expectations higher than seeing cool giant robots fight and having a fun time at the movies). There's crap scenes in the films to be sure, but whatever.

I'm easy to please. I even liked Appaloosa.

Anonymous said...

Well, now she's saying that she pulled out of Transformers 3, so make of that what you will.

We might be done with her. Her whole celebrity was based on her looks, not her acting, so she'll need a really challenging role to get anyone to start taking her seriously.

Josh said...

Next stop, Skinemax.

We can only hope.

Tom Shapira said...

"Her whole celebrity was based on her looks, not her acting"

That's make her differnt from dozens (Hundreds?) actressess how?

percircle said...


In the way that from most actresses you can at least expect some degree of acting, even if just a tiny bit.
Ms. Fox wouldn't be able to play a role for the life of her.

Tyler said...

Hey movie bob. This is off topic, but. Have you heard of RedLetterMedia? He has done a lot of reviews on Youtube and Most notable is the Phantom Menaces which has 2 million views.

But Star Wars isn't the point here. He did a review of Avatar and he compared the Aliens in that movie to District 9! He also gave D9 a lot of credit for doing such a good job.

Well here you go. If you like please let me know.

Waffles said...

I have to say that I never really liked Megan Fox, I guess I just don't find her attractive, but then again my taste in women is pretty skewed, apparently, since in my opinion the hottest actress alive is Ellen Paige.