Friday, May 07, 2010

Watch this MEGA MAN fan-film

Indie filmmaker Eddie LeBron spent something like three years making on a "Mega Man" fan film, the scale and scope of which are pretty damn impressive if you ask me. "ScrewAttack" is hosting it, go take a look:


Mr_Tinq said...

Remember, all Asian people are likely robots.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the care they put into this. Some of the acting and effects were iffy, but I agree with you on he scope. Though I lament the lack of Rush.

Joe said...

I don't know. As someone who's not a Mega-Man fan in the slightest, I find it hard to get into this.

Also, the lighting and explosions are making me relive bad memories of the crappy Transfomers movies (also not a fan of that original franchise).

Sorry Bob. Mr. Lebron is definitely passionate, but this is not my cup of tea.

Ultima Black Mage said...

I really liked it. It just goes to show you, let the fans of the source material make movies of popular IPs. I say someone should give that guy a big budget to reproduce this movie with better visuals and bury Michael Bay's popularity under quality!

I really don't like Michael Bay movies! YUK!

Anonymous said...

This guy obviously knows his Mega Man mythos. Hopefully Capcom won't sue, & maybe this'll be the first of what'll hopefully be a career in big-budget films for him.

I WILL say I didn't like what happened to Wily at the end. Granted, considering what he did, it was natural, but what he did (which I won't spoil for those who want to see this movie) just made me feel real sorry for him.