Friday, June 11, 2010

The best there is at what they do

As if on cue, here's the brilliant bastards at "Penny Arcade" with a note-perfect takedown of of the "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" phenomenon:

"Y is kind of a tricky letter." Heh.


Anonymous said...

if your trying to prove a point about the MK trailer, your just coming off as childish.
its funny how you feel that you MUST get everyone to see things the way you do.
grow up.

KevinCV said...

Good on Penny Arcade! I'm not the biggest fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, but at least I know that it's supposed to be over the top and absurd as well as dark and gory. I love Chris Nolan's Batman films, but his kind of approach to fantastical source material by grounding it in a heightened reality does not gel well with the Mortal Kombat franchise at all.

BFG said...

When you have to fuck up reality to make your movie more realistic --and "gritty" and 'realistic" is to Hollywood as "voluptuous" is to eHarmony-- you have to suspend your disbelief just as much as if it were to stay fantastical. So...what's the point? It pissed off the fans of Godzilla enough when it was tried(GINO, anyone?). It's just as insulting to the franchise of Mortal Kombat for its fans.

At least with Christopher Nolan's Batman, he had about 30 years of a grim and brooding Batman mythos to draw from, where many different artists and writers did try to make Batman similar to the way Nolan portrays him, long before Frank Miller and Alan Moore got their hands in.

Smashmatt202 said...

Alright, Penny Arcade! Just brilliant! If I hadn't seen the Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer, I wouldn't of know that's what they were referring to.

Anonymous said...

Except reading the news post accompanying this comic, Tycho implies he wasn't against the Rebirth film. Quit yer bitchin' Bob.

Dave said...

@BFG except that GINO was LESS gritty than godzilla. It had lizard puns and countless in jokes and mayor ebert and jean reno complaining about coffee.

The original film was as gritty and realistic as the genre GETS. It was a personification of the horror of nuclear war as only the japanese can understand.

Then they thought "hey, let's make this more kid freindly!" and turned a sobering anti nuke film into a series where nuclear energy protects the earth from aliens, thu scompletely negating the entire premise of the original film. It would be like a series of shindler's list sequels where you learn the nazi's really weren't all that bad.

GINO failed because it was a bad movie, not because it was realistic. The subsequent TV series was if anything, even MORE realistic, because it included monsters of the week and explained the scientific basis for their existence. That show is how I learned the terms nanomachines and electrolytes. and it was awesome. because Nerds like knowing how things work.

This idea that realism is bad, is just as stupid and juvenile as the idea that fantasy is bad. Both come from an arrogant belief that only what YOU like is good for everyone. Both fantasy and realism have their place.

That said, I haven't seen an example given where realism makes things WORSE.

@anonymous(es...anonymice? anonymees?)

If you are going to disagree, have the class to put a name down. I actually share your sentiment, but any jag can post crap anonymously.

Bob said...

"That said, I haven't seen an example given where realism makes things WORSE."

The most-recent "Street Fighter" movie, the "Daredevil" movie, the first two "Punisher" movies, "Quantum of Solace"...

BFG said...

@ Dave:

As scathing a treatise on the use of nuclear weapons and the horror of that kind of destruction Godzilla was, realistic in any way it was not. And Godzilla didn't fail because it was a bad movie; it pulled almost $400 million. Godzilla went from a giant radiation/fire-breathing dinosaur to a giant iguana who looked and acted nothing like Godzilla. Roland Emmerich said fuck the source material, I'm making a giant lizard and just calling it Godzilla because fuck the fans too. That's the point.

There is no realistic scientific basis for giant monsters, there never has been and never will be for about 400 different reasons and the more realistic an excuse you try to create the more people who are knowledgeable on the subject are going to roll their eyes. You replace fantasy where the author gets to create monsters and fairies and shit because the imagination is awesome with ignorance of an audience who hears technobabble and thinks "Oh yeah, totally more plausible. Science!"

It's a big honking nuclear dinosaur named after a co-worker who was nicknamed gorilla whale who's magically impervious to artillery. How in the hell can anyone say that even approaches realism with a straight face? But they do something to try to portray the consequences of its attacks, with hospitals full or people and people getting radiation burns and sickness and all that good stuff. But in the MK short they portray consequences of attacks, too. Johnny Cage gets all kinds of fucked up; yet we see a dude with his face all pierced --why Johnny just doesn't rip all that shit out for a serious advantage boggles the mind-- and surgically grafted forearm blades that are so ridiculous that they're insulting. He poses like a shitty cosplaying comic book character rather than the menacing monster he's meant to be. He hops around like a damned monkey. And this is all supposed to pass for more realistic? That's worse for about 40 different reasons as well.

@ Bob:

Dammit, man! Just mentioning those movies makes me feel all unclean now. I'll have to go watch the Fritz Lang movie I just got to wash the awful away. "M." I hear those talkies are gonna be the next big thing in Hollywood.

Dave said...


So you are under the impression that the movie where Bison gets his powers by trapping his conscience in his fetal daughter then aborting her and chun Li throws fireballs is MORE realistic than the one where no one has any supernatural powers whatsoever?

You have a funny definition of realism. It seems to suspiciously encompass whatever you want it to.

I'm not even going to comment on the bond thing. QoS was no more or less realistic than Casino royale, so you essentially just chose the weaker of the new bond movies to allow you to support the realism=bad.

underthepale said...

You... You're using Punisher to support your arguments? Seriously? The dude's more "street level" than Batman, for crying out loud. Yes, he had the occasional bout of strangeness where he'd face off against metahumans, or cyborgs, or what have you, but if you disliked any movie with Punisher's name on them, you disliked them as movies, not because they were realistic. It was a guy, who fought criminals, with guns. There's... Really no making this any grittier, or any more "real."

Also, Quantum of Solace? Really? A movie about a globe-spanning conspiracy that has "agents everywhere" but nobody's ever heard of them? This is supposed to be "realistic?" Just... Wow. Sometimes, I wonder about you, Bob...

ProtoMan said...

Can you imagine a Super Mario bros. movie where the mario brothers get high off mushrooms and fight bad guys with skin conditions dressed in shells... that'd be completely and utterly afwul. and no... the MortalKombat trailer's concept is not realistic it's trying to look all gritty and dark, failing at it might i add. The Mortal Kombat universe is not suited for the real world, and was never meant to touch upon it. Realism might work for batman but that's about it as far as adaptations of a popular, fairly fantastical universes go(except for maybe the Punisher which just was'nt transfered right into realism the first two times around. but i have to admit i do like War zone quite much). the earlier Mortal Kombat films had the right idea but they were executed extremely poorly. so hah! there's you're answer my anonymus "buddy"! (even though you were'nt hitting with questions but with statements, but fuck it what do i care there's you're answer is a great counter statement!) self awareness is bliss... wanker.

Taylor said...

I want you to imagine a lonely newspaper reporter in Little Tokyo trying to investigate animal cruelty...small animals have been disappearing. Nobody cares. His bosses don't listen.

The only place he can get information in this decaying town is an elderly Shinto mystic living in a slum, who tells him of an apocalyptic Japanese folk legend.

The problem gets worse, dogs start to disappear...then humans dissapear in mysterious circumstances. Finally, it's too late to ignore...someone, or something, is devouring this decaying, vile, inexplicably-brown-tinted city.

The police mobilize, and the footsteps of a monster are heard, a low rumbling moving toward a blockade. A creature, vile and gigantic, rolls toward them, covered in refuse and turning the weight of their shallow materialistic urban life against them. The blockade is useless, and is only food for the monster. Bloody screams fill the streets as people violently succumb to the beast, arms ripped from their sockets and blood oozing from eyes as the trash of their shallow, impulse-driven consumerism is thrown back into their bodies.

Then, a newspaper man shows up to the chief of the police. "It's only the tip of the iceberg...what you see out there is only the herald of a galaxy traveling monster."

"What are you talking about?" The mayor asks.

"The Japanese call it, a Katamari."

"Is their any way to stop it?"

"Just one, the Mirror of Amaterasu, hidden in Japan, is actually constructed with an ancient forging technique that incorporated comet-carried iridium and can reflect the one frequency of light that can break down at the nuclear bonds holding a Katamari together."

"You mean..."

"Yes sir, a Royal Rainbow."

Chris M H said...

So I guess I was the only one who thought MK:R watched like a hilariously awesome parody of "grim and gritty" film adaptations?

ProtoMan said...

well, it can hardly be a parody if the chap is trying to push forward a feature lenght gritty MortalKombat film with that bloody trailer(a trailer which i do kinda like just not as a MK adaptation).

Anonymous said...

stupidest examples ever..... you swear like there gonna start pumping out dark and gritty versions of kirby, hello kitty, yoshi's story, pokemon, toystory, etc.....
if that was the case, yes i would whole heart-idly agree with all of your bitching and complaining.
MK 1 and 2 = EPIC FAIL
if it fails, MK franchise will still suck, big deal.
why not give it a chance.