Tuesday, June 22, 2010

green daze

(Hat-tip to Chud: http://chud.com/articles/articles/24159/1/GREEN-HORNET-LOOKS-LIKE-AN-ACTION-MOVIE/Page1.html)

Since about 1989, you could count on one thing above all else in "new" superhero movies: The first trailer would try as hard as it could to stress how similar this "new" movie was to a Batman movie: Tragedy. Angst. Darkness. Resolve. Pounding Danny Elfman score. Hero-says-his-own-name. BAM! Title. Coming Soon.

With that in mind, this (otherwise pretty rote) first trailer for Michel Gondry's "Green Hornet" movie - with Seth Rogen as the titular hero - perhaps marks the beginning of a new era: Batman? Batman WHO? "The Green Hornet" wants you to know that he's more like - and I mean A LOT more like... Iron Man.

Here's my principal "nerd" question about this franchise: The two characters being "owned" by different companies would make direct reference impossible, but will they be making any allusion to Britt Reid (aka Green Hornet) being the Lone Ranger's great-great (great?) grand-nephew? Yeah, that's actually true. Go look it up.


BFG said...

In 3D and slooooooooowwwwww moooooooottttttiiiiiioooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn.

Two reasons why this movie lost me as a consumer. :(

Moshi said...

More puerile bullshit, not interested.

Rambowannabe said...

A superhero movie release in January. That means the exec have seen the film and decided it not worth a Holiday or summer release. It's gonna be crap.

Anonymous said...

Looks like shit, IMO.

In other news, Dr. Strange may get his own movie. Now that, I'm excited about.

Kyle said...

I'll see it.

Chris M H said...

For all the positive reviews MovieBob gives, his readers sure are pessimistic.

Dav3 said...


This looks like it kicks more ass than Kick-ass.

Though I can't believe for a minute it will be that interesting.

Anonymous said...

I just plain don't like Seth Rogen.

Anonymous said...

Ok I don't read comics, make of that what you will I just want to explain my ignorance in my second paragraph.

Does he have an Asian side-kick named Kato? Is this... is this a pink panther reboot? Can't be worse than the Steve Martin one I guess :P.