Monday, June 14, 2010

I'll see you at SGC!

Nice to finally be able to make this "officially public." I'll be in Texas the weekend of July 4th for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (in my capacity as The Game OverThinker), and I hope to see some fans and well-wishers there, too ;)

More details of this will likely follow. Details on the Convention itself can be found HERE:


BFG said...

I just picked up a Wii, so if you're willing to put on your TGO hat for a minute, I'd love to pick your brain...which kind of makes the hat metaphor moot, but there you go anyway.

I've picked up Super Mario Brothers Wii, Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Pincess, and was planning on going crazy with the virtual console games on The Great Platformers of Yore. Anything in particular you'd recommend; I recall a video where you showcased the games you owned, and most of them seemed to be Wii titles.

Texas is a bit too far for me at the moment, but here's hoping you have a great time. Are they setting you up with a booth?

tyra menendez said...

Prepare to sweat. A lot.
Seriously, you think it gets hot in the city? You have no idea. Only places worse are deserts and swamps.
And don't drive: you won't make it. Dallas taxi drivers are fucking insane.

Anonymous said...

Dallas..... lol. I'm assuming someone has never been to NY.

tyra menendez said...

You expect it, in New York. Anyone who's watched an episode of Law and Order has an idea of the cramped, busy streets, with psychotic taxis. They don't expect it down in "the lazy south".
Also, it's much hotter, down here.