Friday, June 11, 2010

This is also more like it

Finally, we have some on-set footage of actors and sets for "Thor"... unfortunately, it's from "Entertainment Tonight," so the "interview" is more interested in Chris Hemsworth's appearance on "Dancing With The Stars." Though it IS mildly amusing to watch Hemsworth and Portman doing what appears to be either a really good impression of actors who hooked-up while making a movie OR a really bad impression of actors who didn't hook-up while making a movie.

In any case, we've got our first look at Anthony Hopkins as Odin and - at about 3:56 - Idris Elba as Heimdall. Hopkins looks about like you'd expect, but Heimdall.... holy SHIT! Dig that crazy Kirby-esque armor, complete with the bright red and gold finish and the HUGE horns (wings?) on the helmet. Set rumors have been saying that Thor's "Asgard" stuff is shockingly faithful to the 60s to 80s comic designs, and this seems to agree with that. Crom... does this means Loki is going to have the gold/green outfit and the big curled horns? I hope so...

Here's what REALLY intrigues me, though (Iron Man 2 SPOILER WARNING): Right near the start, we see Thor in what I guess are his "street clothes" (or maybe it's a rehersal?) beating up some uniformed guards (soldiers?) in what looks like a temporary military installation. Other "Earth" scenes seem to be set in an American desert locale. Remember Nick Fury complaining about his "trouble in the Southwest" in Iron Man 2? Is THIS what he was talking about? Are those military-looking guys S.H.I.E.L.D.? Is that part of the story here, S.H.I.E.L.D. trying to contain or "cover up" Asgardians or whatnot on Earth?

This is really happening.


Drunken Lemur said...

Hooray, Bob's off the ledge again! But, yeah, Loki needs his helmet, as does Thor. Any word on whether Dr. Blake will be making an appearance? I think that the trouble was something crashing to Earth, leaving a giant crater, with the Thor movie taking place after Iron Man, or at least the Earth scene's will. There will have to be a scene beforehand explaining why Mjolnir is on Earth. So I guess you could say they would be running concurrent?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Blake is going to be in this. It'll be Thor in civvies and Thor in armour.

Taylor said...

Bob...we, um, we already knew it was happening. It's not really a secret or anything. And I was actually vaguely insulted when Iron Man 2 ignored it's own plot and had Nick Fury show up to explain that the movie I just paid money to see isn't really important, and it's some other, later, movie that is actually going to matter.

This is what I'm afraid of...that Marvel is so interested in hinting at the potential coolness of it's later movie concepts and crossovers that it is going to completely neglect making the characters its actually working with interesting.

Anonymous said...

he looks like a cross between Heath Ledger and Forrest Griffen.
looks kinda weak though.
i have a been feeling about this movie.... im getting that DareDevil feeling.

Mike Ralls said...


tyra menendez said...

I have to say, you're very excited because this is the first time that a movie will feature a universe that is comprised of seemingly at odds: magic and super technology and old gods.
But it's not. Hellboy, motherfucker, did you see it?
Seriously, he's the son of the Fallen One, ie Lucifer. Rasputin is near-immortal, with a Kthulu monster, inside him and builds sci-fi technological gateway and glove, in the 1940's, with a clock-work Nazi, a psychic fish-man, and a human torch.
I'm not saying that it's not cool, but, where's the love for those that have gone before?
Oh yeah, and the sequel has elves, trolls, robots, the angel of death, and crazy martial arts.

Bob said...

The specific difference is that "Hellboy" (which I adore) is wholly self-contained, so there's no attendant risk of dissonance - same deal with Star Wars, where you had fantasy/scifi as a "unified" thing from the start.

What's experimental here is that you've got seperate genres coming together after the fact: Iron Man's "world" is about technology, Thor's is about magic, but they're going to get mixed together after their own establishment to create something entirely new. That hasn't really been tried before.

tyra menendez said...

The closest I can think of, is the Dirk Gently books: in the first one, the only thing remotely supernatural is the ghosts (which could be explained away by psychic residue or some such) with all the alien technology and early Macintosh stuff. But in the sequel, two of the main characters are Thor and Odin. It's completely supernatural and nothing in it is actually sci-fi.