Friday, July 23, 2010

Escape to the Movies: "Salt"

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Intermission: "Why Movies Suck Now - Part II: The Reality"


Ramzeltron said...

Salt seemed like a solid action movie, but it just never interested me. Maybe I'll give it a look.

Cyrus said...

I don't really understand why Russia tends to be the bad guy in video games and to a lesser extent film. Last time I checked the cold war ended long ago and the Soviet Union was long gone.

Although I guess we shouldn't really dwell on it, So far there haven't been any indications that these games/films have anything against Russia. It seems that Russia just serves as the shapeless antagonist, there never seems to be any mention of why Russia invades/attacks/resents the US. Its just there to provide an antagonist.

But again, thats just my guess.

Q said...

You have a factual error on your WMSN list. #4 isn't true anymore.

In summary of that, if you didn't bother to read it, in 1938, the Sherman Antitrust Act was imposed upon the major studios making it so that they couldn't block bill and that independent theaters gained mass control of distribution. NATO--no, not that NATO, the trade organization--now does control distribution and not only that but they also have a say in the appeals board in the MPAA and often does refuse as a collective to screen films. That's why art house theaters are usually the only place to find independent films because the theaters know they aren't likely to make much of a profit off of it.

So yeah.

Q said...

There were several grammatical errors in that last post that I have no desire to fix.

Sssonic said...

I must admit, Bob, this is a solid week for you. First and foremost, your "Salt" review was pretty hilarious. I'm no more interested in seeing the Movie now than I was before, mind, but it was never really my thing to begin with, so that's hardly on you. The review itself, though, is highly entertaining in its own right, particularly during the opening.

I'm also impressed at how you handled Part 2 of your "Why Movies Suck Now" column. Last week, you may recall (but most likely do not) I mentioned curiosity as to how you would handle it, as I find Movies today suck for much the same reason they have always sucked, and I wondered how that might be addressed. Lo and behold, you bring up that very fact at the end of the Column! Admittedly, this feels more like a column on why the SYSTEM of Movie distribution sucks moreso than why Movies themselves suck, but then again, the former is far easier to put in objective terms anyway and is equally worthy of analysis.

Bravo, sir.

jameshayes said...

It's all in the Russian accents, Bob

Dave Kraft said...

Bob, I'm a bit surprised you didn't mention Sigourney Weaver when you were mentioning actresses who can pull off roles supercilious badass action roles intended for men. I get that she's not smokin' hot but I believe she at least deserves a mention here. I mean, she was the one who kicked off that whole thing in the first place with Lt. Ripley from Alien, a role originally intended for a man.

Henrik said...

Speaking of movies, I'd enjoy your take on Mr. Nobody. Ever heard of it? I hadn't.

Quite original. It polarized the audience in the theater I saw it in; albeit half the audience had left before it ended, those left in the cinema were giving it a standing ovation.

I'm not quite sure that you'll like it, but I'm positive you'll enjoy it -- if you haven't seen it already. Add it to that list of movies worth watching. I'm sure there's quite a backlog.

Also, I enjoyed Salt. Angelina Jolie can still button down an action role. There, now this comment has something to do with the blog post.