Friday, July 09, 2010

Proposition Infinity

Part of what's been great about the new Comedy Central era "Futurama" episodes is how familiar everything has been - despite the new network, DVD movie run and "down time," everything has popped back into place like a comfortable old show... save for one difference: There's MORE you can do on cable than network, and the writers seem to have taken the newfound freedom as an opportunity to let loose all the pent-up "M-rated" humor and storylines they couldn't use before - "Futurama 3.0" is a MUCH raunchier, more bluntly-sexual show, even compared to the four movies.

It was a touch jarring, at first - the Zap/Leela-as-Adama/Eve episode was a note-perfect riff on the author-working-out-a-fetish substrata of pulp scifi - but in a way it's a logical progression. One of things that's always struck me about "Futurama" was the way it opted - being one of the only (or just THE ONLY?) successful animated sitcom that's not built around a related family - for a thoroughly modern vision of human (etc) relations: The core group of friends/aquaintances fool around, fall into and out of relationships, have quickies, flings and whatnot... without the story "insisting" that this cause long term problems. Fry and Leela remain on/off friends-with-largely-unrequited-benefits, Amy has been with Fry, Zap and Kiff, Leela and Amy had a "moment" while transmuted into fantasy-avatars... okay, so basically it boils down to "everyone gets at least one up-to-bat with Amy," but still it's a decidedly progressive dynamic that you seldom see on ANY TV, let alone animated, and I dig it.

But seeing it come to some kind of "head" in last night's ep, "Proposition Infinity," was pretty remarkable: Bender and Amy is the sort of character-hookup that makes perfect sense only after it's been done, and spinning it off into a social-satire riff as Bender attempts to legalize "Robosexual Marriage" turned out brilliant. Honestly, the whole thing would've been worth it for: "I'm a pre-op Transformer."

I love this show.


RestamSalucard said...

It's amazing how they can make a fantastic episode with an important message out of just a throwaway line from the pilot:

"Alright, but I don't want anyone to think we're robosexuals or anything. So, if anyone asks, you're my debugger."

Taylor said...

I think the libertine polyamorous friends with benefits lifestyle is an easy, since everyone has a female friend/coworker they want to sleep with and would like to think they have a chance. Honestly, sleeping with Leela is as much a nerd fantasy as Fry going into space.

adminsmithee said...

Exelent show!
I'm very pleased they are back on the air.

Thanks for talking me into watching "Män som hatar kvinnor" (Girl with the dragon Tattoo)
It was indeed a very well written trilogie. Now lets hope Hollywood can restrain its self from doing a remake.

Anonymous said...

They are doing much better with the 30 minute format vs. the longer movies.

I have all 4 seasons on DVD, but I don't have any desire to get the new movies.

Just too fractured and scattered.

The new time limit makes the writers tighten it way up.

BFG said...

My word, the movies were just awful. I'm sort of sans TV at the moment, so I'm going to have to wait until they release the seasons on DVD, but it sounds like good watching.

Although, I did get to catch the episode about the EyePhone/Facebook/two-girls-one-cup riffing, and they were spot on.

Hopefully these new seasons will turn out to be as epically awesome as the first 8 or so seasons of The Simpsons are.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Amy-Zoidburg.

Ultima Black Mage said...

In that episode there was something wrong with it. Remember back when fry had the Lucy Lu bot? There was an educational video on the consequences of Robot/Human relations and it was frowned apon then and no reference to that were mentioned in that episode. I guess like The Simpsons you got to remember that continuity takes a back seat.

General Jack D. Ripper said...

I'm so stoked that Futurama is back. The thought that the new series would take on more aspects from the movies rather than the original show was a frightening one, but its good to see Planet Express back in their old routine.