Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SGC 2010 "Video Game Celebrity"

Thanks to ScrewAttack G1 "NovaSpec" for posting a video that I didn't think anyone had taped the whole run of, which more-or-less marked The Game OverThinker's impromptu "public debut."

Here's how this happened: The bad weather kept Brentalfloss from arriving on time for his scheduled live concert (though he did end up doing the whole show later when he actually arrived - that guy is a MACHINE!) so the SA crew had to fill a timeslot. The solution: Get the site regulars onstage to play "Celebrity" (read: Charades-with-proper-nouns) for game characters with the audience (itself split into "USA" and "International" teams.) Being available and willing, they asked me to come up too (playing for "Team International.") Please appreciate what a generous "leap" this was on the part of Stuttering Craig etc - most of them had only just MET me, so there's a certain amount of risk involved in inviting a mostly-unknown quantity to a live mic when YOUR responsible for what they might do. In any case, the whole thing was a ton of fun; and I did pretty good... right up until I blew a would-be comeback win by being unable to figure out how to pantomime Ulala from "Space Channel 5." Ah, well.

These are some funny people, and I reccomend you give everyone a watch, but for fans looking for "my" turns they're at 9:40, 19:40 and 38:40 plus a random silly-dance at 26:09. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

We care, because we are supportive fans! You cowardly, anonymous poop-head!

Anonymous said...

lol @ anonymous

Friggen sweet comment!

Couldn't agree more.

Ramzeltron said...

It's amazing they were able to guess Space Channel 5. That's a hard one.

Axle said...

That was pretty entertaining. Sadly it was a little difficult to hear what everyone was saying so didn't catch what most of the answers were. Though that could be a good thing since I didn't have to worry about my gamer pride if some character came up that I didn't know about like with Space Channel 5, hehe.

On another note, I find certain types of trolling on blogs somewhat amusing (but still annoying) since blogs are inherently more personal, you'd think any followers would care to some extent. I of course am totally not referring to any comments in particular because feeding trolls is bad. >.>