Thursday, August 05, 2010

Avengers Teaser

No actors. No scenes. Nothing but a logo-reveal and Samuel L. Jackson reading the oldschool intro-copy ("And there came a day unlike any other day...") but, still, there it is: A teaser trailer for an "Avengers" movie.


Cyrus said...

Is it weird to get incredibly excited for a logo and a voice over?

white templar said...

I wish SLJ hadnt thrown his career down the toilet. I would've loved to take his voiceover seriously.

Euler d'Moogle said...

No, it's not weird. I used get excited as well until disappointment and cynicism set in and I stopped caring about teasers like this.

On the other hand, everything else about the movie has been looking good so I'm at least optimistic.

Sssonic said...

I'd be a lot more excited over this if it weren't for this disheartening news:

I'm hoping this winds up being untrue. As one of those people who walked away from "Iron Man 2" more or less fully satisfied (though if my inference is correct, the "Avengers informercial" subplot referred to in the article was indeed one of its weaker aspects), it really would bum me out to know it could very well put an end to the "Iron Man" movies as we know them.

Unfortunately, given how much those films have played a part in setting up "The Avengers", it may well affect my overall excitement for that movie too. Again, fingers crossed that this either turns out to be untrue or else that the problems mentioned are resolved in the near future.