Saturday, August 21, 2010

best idea ever

Cable/web is down at home, so I'm doing this on the road. Happened upon the magical "we have wifi" sign at a small "artisanal market"/cafe type joint called "Coven" here in Salem, MA - where, already, it looks like a lot of y'all tourists are ALREADY descending, so have fun ;)

Anyway, check out what they got in this place:

Yeah, that's a "buffet"-type setup of BREAKFAST CEREALS (real ones.) The idea is you buy a bowl and then fill it up however. I've heard of places doing this, never seen one in the wild - AWESOME. Rest of the stuff ain't bad either - "nostaglia-kitsch" kinda atmosphere goin' on, lots of local /natural foodstuffs, board games and such on the tables, and what seems to be a good list of beer and wine. So glad I wandered in here. Place is on Essex St. in Salem, in case anyone currently-local is looking at this and it strikes yer fancy.

EDIT: just now actually looked at the menu. Sample of nicknamed items from the sandwich menu: "The Fraggle Rock," "The He-Man," "The Super Mario Brothers" (meatball panini), "The Truffle Shuffle." What a find. I like these guys.


RestamSalucard said...

Wait, Board Games, what?

Rob said...

I've never really trusted playing board games issued by a public venue. Best case scenario is that only a third of the pieces are missing.

rob said...

You're from the witchhunt capital of the world huh? ;)
(Great, another Rob)

untra said...
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Dav3 said...
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Dav3 said...

That's awesome...
if you go for that kind of thing.

Personally, I absolutely hate pretentious, contrived, eateries.
(EDIT) I just realized I have no reason to think this really is one of those places, but I worked hard on my rant so I'm posting it anyway. :P)

HATE 'em, I said.

And there really are very few things I actually hate. People who drive convertibles with the top UP on gorgeous sunny days are another, but I digress.

I assume the proprietors are nice people and the style they're going for here is a style I would ordinarily be attracted to. The problem is that I just can't stand manufactured character.

For example, a diner that has stood on the side of the highway for 50 years and displays meaningful memerobilia collected over those 50 years: that's cool because the place has soul. It has grown into what it is naturally.

A (ugh) "bistro" that was built last week and displays reproduction antiques you can buy off the shelf at the K-mart next door: has no soul. Places like that are pretending to be something else, and usually that's something much more expensive,

I wish people, interior decorators specifically, could just be happy being authentic, and not try to turn everything into something else.

beyrob said...

@robs- yeah that why i started useing my google XD. We're multiplying :P.

Also I'm SO jealous Bob >>

Rob said...

I wonder if they sell a Cap'n Cruch and Pixie Stick sandwich. Seems like it'd be an appropriate item menu, given the description of the venue. :D

john said...

Shouldn't "the Super Mario Brothers" be lotsa spaghetti?