Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black Swan

If someone were to ask me, "do you like ballet?," my answer would probably be "no."

...but, on the other hand, I DO like high-maintnance, unusually-flexible, control-freak Ice Queens with self-esteem issues the muscle-strength to kill a man with their calves, so... yeah, I guess I do...

Anyway, Apple has the trailer for Darren Aronofsky's "The Black Swan," which no one is even bothering to pretend isn't better-known as "that movie where Natalie Portman fucks Mila Kunis." The part you're looking for is at 1:25.

Portman is hardworking a ballerina who's waited too long for Her Shot, Kunis is the younger(?) natural-talent understudy who swoops in and effortlessly-overshadows her, driving her all kinds of crazy. So... "Showgirls" from Gina Gershon's POV meets "Suspiria" crossed with "Mulholland Drive" and bit of "The Fly" right toward the end. On the one hand, looks pretty interesting. On the other hand, show-of-hands as to who's already A.) sensing a Big Twist and B.) sensing that they know what it is? On the OTHER hand... yeah, I'm in.


Christopher said...

What in the hell is this? I might want to keep an eye out for it.

Bobby said...

I am so stoked for this! Aronofsky is an incredible talent, and the trailer was engrossing, but yes, I do feel I already knnow what the big twist will be, hopefully it's a smarter movie than that.

Scott Glasgow said...
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Scott Glasgow said...

@ Bob

Dude, you should have figured out by now from Aronofsky's other stuff that his films are always more than meets the eye, that is, steeped in symbolism to a degree of almost complete saturation. The Fountain is to my opinion, one of the best films of all time, it pushed narrative in a way that I personally hadn't ever seen before. (btw, if you have some "required viewing material" to play against that last comment PLEASE indulge me, I love that stuff)

One other comment, I know you you're a movie geek, and I KNOW you love lesbianism in film, but man, you are a voice to us other film geeks out there. And when you make a post about a movie as interesting as Black Swan to make a point about the lesbianism? It makes a lot of us look bad.

But, yeah, this movie looks great, and you definitely won't the only one watching this for the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis scene.
I mean, hell, not everyone watched Requiem for it's awesome story and amazing editing. Jennifer Connelly....

Bob said...


With all respect... c'mon.

Geeks love Aronofsky, fine - but the ONLY reason this was on anyone's radar prior to the reveal of all the quasi-supernatural business in this trailer was because of the girl-on-girl angle... that's why it got "leaked" so many months ago ;)

drumstick00m said...

tyler durden

Scott Glasgow said...

@ Bob

Sigh... I know it's too much to ask for, but I was hoping that it would BE the supernatural business that could peak people's interest. The moment I heard Aronofsky was doing a movie about ballerinas I knew it couldn't be that simple. Now seeing the trailer my suspicions were pleasantly confirmed.
As for the lesbianism, I'm personally more curious about it's significance to the character than it's significance to the marketing. I seriously am praying that it's not a production decision just made just to put butts in seats.

Mr Fist said...

While it's true that the 'relationship' between Portman and Kunis will be the attraction of the film, I'm just stoked to see a new film by Aronofsky.

Interestingly, while the film is shot the same photographer, Matthew Libatique, from Darren's first 3 films, it has the handheld look from The Wrestler.

Dave said...

Is anyone else REALLY tired of hollywood using lesbianism to be 'artsy' and 'ground breaking'?

Because honestly it just leaves me cold. At this point it is more noteable to find a female centric thriller film that DOESN'T havemassive amounts of lesyay.

Seems to me that if they were REALLY interested in bieng creative and gutsy, they'd use the one kind of same sex contact that doesn't guarantee instant publicity in a way exactly like this post.

Hyrabethian said...

All I can say is it's a Darren Aronofsky movie, and Requiem for a Dream is probably the most fucked up movie (not in a bad way)I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen quite a few.

Big twists and layered plots aren't really his shtick, he tries to pack in a lots of emotions while still connecting with the audience in the cerebral level.

So if anyone can do justice to Franz Kafka short story "The Metamorphosis," it's probably him.


Andrew said...

It's Aronofsky plus Clint Mansell, guaranteed to be worth at least one viewing on those points alone.

Moshi said...

>It's Aronofsky plus Clint Mansell

Fucking trailer stills leaves a horrible taste in my mouth.

So it's basically the overacted bullshit story of a ballerina falling into a fit of hysterics because she's got competition with a tacked psycho lesbian angle.

Largely I fear I won't like this for the same reason I didn't like oldboy all that much (despite direction, casting, acting and cinematography being top notch) namely main characters existing solely as living and breathing plot devices that never make any sane decisions all for the sake of the LOL INCEST sorry I meant TWEEEEEST: THE MOVIE, DIRECTED BY M NIGHT SHYAMALAN