Friday, September 10, 2010

Escape to the Movies: "Resident Evil: Afterlife"

Because why not?

"Intermission" is about cowboys...


Charlie said...

Bob, I've been meaning to ask you since your "Who will be Remembered" Overthinker video. Have you actually played the Metroid Prime Trilogy? It has way more in common with the rest of the Metroid franchise than it does with other FPS games. I'd actually classify it as an action adventure game, played in first person to make things more immersive, and just so happens to involve shooting.

Other M looks and sounds more like a generic action game than a retro 2D Metroid throwback.

If you already saw my comments on your Overthinker blog and on the Escapist, I apologize for bringing this up so many times, but I am really sick of people writing off the Prime Trilogy as a generic FPS.

Rarer Monsters said...

You know, Bob, I liked your western rundown, but I feel like you are committing a movie geek mortal sin by not at least mentioning the critical piece of trivia that Fistfull of Dollars was an almost shot-for-shot conversion remake of Kurosawa's Yojimbo.

As to 3D, it isn't a harmless gimmick, because the prevalence of it means that this "harmless gimmick" is going to get forcefully shoved on to every even mildly appropriate movie (Poor Toy Story 3...) in an effort to pimp them out, needlessly ramping up the cost of each movie and further pushing cheap and clever movies out of the theater to make room for a movie landscape where b-movie dreck like Pirahna 3d is a relative masterpiece and simplistic films like Inception is considered too smart to handle.

Also, it looks awful. 3d does not look good. It looks awkward and unnatural, because human vision works forward and peripherally out, as opposed to 3d which looks like a flat screen with some objects randomly popping out and narrowing like a tunnel. It needs to die dead forever.

Christian said...

I agree with Charlie. I like the fact that Prime was in the first-person. Because of that perspective, exploring the worlds in the Prime trilogy was what made the games fun for me.
Things like the fog and dew on the visor made me really feel like I was Samus, morso than any other game in the genre made me feel like I was that protagonist.

Here's an quuote from Tycho in the third Penny Arcade book: "Explosions and large blasts create flashes of light that cause the character - in the first-person - to be reflected inside the visor. It's a woman's face. Seeing a face reflected in the visor that is not my own, and is, indeed, the opposite gender, is one of the most strangely immersive things I've ever seen in a game."

Darren said...

Moviebob, look I love you man, but really Other M was crap. I love all my Metroid games (2D and 3D), but this was really the first one I was greatly disappointed in. And what's even worse is that Nintendo is denying Primes spot in the timeline thanks to Other M. It really is a huge kick in the balls by Nintendo to all Metroid fans. And look I don't mind companies going in a new direction or taking a risk, but Other M fails and fails hard :/

Clayton said...

I've already said my thoughts about Other M and Bob's opinion on his other blog. The condensed version: one of the best games on the Wii and one of the best games of the year.

Darren said...

Just to add a quick note, I agree with Charlie. The Metroid Prime Trilogy is a magnificent work of art a kin to Shadow of the Colossus or Limbo. Metroid Prime 3 is the only one that even comes close to being sort of an FPS, and that is only in the beginning and ending segments. Even the rest of the game is still a great work of art. I loved the Other 2D Metroid games, they truly were magnificent, but Other M does so much wrong in so many ways its pretty sad. I wont say I hate Other M, but there is a lot of stuff wrong with it.

Also Nintendo really is pretty terrible for denying the Metroid Prime Trilogy its spot in the timeline. I swear they are practically trying to divide the fan base. Denying the MPT is the same as denying the Ocarina of Time as Zelda game, but even worse for now Nintendo is saying we have to accept the CDI games. And yes I am not joking that is how I felt when Nintendo said the MPT was a separate entity from the main franchise!

Okay I am done bitching. Good RE review btw BOB. Hope the next RE movie is even better than this one; hope they keep going up :D

Bob said...


Yes, I played the Prime games. Completed #1 and #3, got really tired of #2. They were... alright.

The things I liked about them were mostly aesthetic - I like how the Metroid universe is "aurally" serious but visually looks like pre-1970s pulp scifi (especially in the creature design, which looks kinda like Dr. Seuss with "realistic" skin and muscles), I like the music, YES Samus' face int he vistor, etc. All very pretty, all very well-designed, a triumph in that regard.

But I never really had "fun." THIS is why I'm not a game critic - I don't really "know" how I'm supposed to divorce "I'm enjoying this thing I'm playing with" from whether or not it's other qualities are worthwhile. And when it comes to video games, I always get more actual, tangible enjoyment out of third-person, platforming-style games than FPS games. It's how I'm wired.

Looking out over a gun-barrel does NOTHING for me. I don't find it immersive, I find it restrictive. The brief strategy/narrative necessitated jumps into visor-view in Other M, or the quick snap into sniper-mode in third-person shooters, is exactly as much first-person perspective as I want or need in any game. The highest compliments that I can give to Portal, Bioshock and Half-Life (all of which I liked) is that they'd only be SLIGHTLY better in third-person - but still better. I spend as much time as was possible in the "Prime" games in ball form, because for me it was just more fun that way.

I appreciate that people liked the Prime games, they were good for what they were, and I don't think Nintendo should be "discounting" their place in the series. But if they never made another one? Speaking only for myself, I wouldn't bee too upset. And if they "officially" want to regard the Prime series as a spin-off/side-series (re: it's the "Mario Kart/Party/Sports" of the "Metroid" series) and Other M as the "true" successor to Super Metroid, I think that makes a certain amount of sense.

tyra menendez said...

More games should follow Fallout 3, with being able to switch from third to first, then there wouldn't be all the bitching over which is better.
I find it easier to shoot things, in first, but more fun to explore the world, in third.

akkuma420 said...

My little brother wanted to go see this "Film" for his birthday, and I use the word "Film" loosely, so I took him to go see it.
This movie sucked so much ass...... god was it fucken boring. The 3D is just plain awkward, the acting was atrocious and the plot went absolutely nowhere.
I mean I know what to expect with a Resident Evil movie, but good lord, I didn't actually think they would just get progressively worse, and yet somehow they keep getting made.
And what the fuck was with the whole damn movie being done in slow motion...... god that got old quick.
It cracks me up how they just threw in the executioner from RE5 with no plot to why he/it was there other than the fact that it was in the game so it has to be in the movie....
And that after the credits bit.... nothing worse than cheap sequel bait.
Horrible movie.

CraftyAndy said...

I have to say I haven't played metroid M but my god it's about time nintendo thought about giving some of it's characters a story. I'm sorry but when a game lacks a story it lacks a real reason to play. Gameplay may be fine but I doubt you will find any mario game exciting after two hours of play because in the end there is no reason to be playing nothing achieved other then some make believe objects.

Pacman is fun but after the ten minute mark I REALLY wished I spent my time doing something constructive... even watching a movie seems like time better spent.

Keith said...

I dislike 3-D for purely selfish reasons. I can't see many (if any) movies nowadays unless they come in a little red envelope due to spending most of my time taking care of my little one. When I'm watching an action sequence on my 32 inch it completely takes me out of the movie to see something "flying right at me" due to the fact that it is not.

Also, was that the plagas virus I saw in those clips? Really?

One last comment on the third RE movie. I admit to fast forwarding through a good deal of it after one little scene that just got me so angry I didn't know what to do with myself. In the beginning *spoiler I guess* one character gets bitten by a zombie and proceeds to hide it from everyone else. Seriously, this made me so angry due to it happening IN EVERY ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER. There is no "What's gonna happen to him?" we all know already. Its the third movie, drop the goddamn pretense.

Incedentally I watched Day of the Dead a week afterwards and decided it was a great movie right away when a character was bitten and blew himself away in the very next moment.

Ozzie Arcane said...

People will never fully stop hating on 3D, because for some people it doesn't work right, others it doesn't work at all, and others still can get migraines from it. Anyone who can't enjoy it like others will feel alienated and no amount of telling them "Oh stop complaining and give it a chance" is going to change that.