Friday, September 03, 2010

They got her

According to the AP, Bosnian police have tracked down the videotaped puppy-murderer; another apparent feather in the cap for Evil Internet Lynch-Mob turned, er... uh... Good Internet Lynch-Mob 4Chan.

Questions remaining: Who get's Michael Bay's $50,000 reward, and do the Bosnia police understand that 4Chan etc. probably won't stop gunning for this kid until they see more retribution than a fine?


RestamSalucard said...

But... is Boomer OK?

Cyrus said...
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Cyrus said...


Boomer... will live.

H said...

Thing about 4chan is to not quite think of Anonymous as evil, but as chaotic neutral. They target whoever they feel like, and if someone is doing something as despicable as that, it'll usually be them.

SomethingGerman said...

I tell you who get's that Bay cash

The Hobo with a shotgun

cause he saw things you people wouldn't believe

that's a blade runner reference
but it wasn't subtle enough

Brandon Wright said...

The girl rightly deserved to be punished for her actions, but has context even been established for why she did it? Was she prodded by a parent? Has her family fallen on hard times and are unable to provide for the dogs?

I'm by no means excusing what she's done, but like Bob said in an earlier post, why is this THE issue right now when there are so many much worse evils in the world? It's nice we're avenging the death of 5 puppies, but what about PEOPLE?

Robert said...

If 4chan could figure out a way to fight genocide with harassment and such I'd be all for it.
Short of that I'll take finding and punishing animal abusers over other innocent people who could become targets.

Patrick said...

Getting so tired of people stating that people get too worked up over abuse to animals but not over abuse to human beings.

To all people who say this let me ask you this question: If Michael Vick had done to children what he did to dogs do you think he'd be playing football right now?