Thursday, October 21, 2010

amazingly racist anti-Chinese political ad

The ONE thing that left-wing and right-wing political advertisers can agree on this year is that demonizing China is a can't-miss strategy: It "works" on both kinds of paranoid white people, and Asian Americans aren't a big (or monolithically one-sided) enough voting bloc for you to "worry" about offending.

With that in mind, behold the latest evidence of human awfulness from right-wing propaganda outfit Citizens United:

Remember, America: LEGIONS of dirty, cackling, dark-skinned murder-machines are waiting JUST over the ocean to swoop in and take you over. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Anyone else get the feeling that the REAL reason they aren't releasing that "Red Dawn" remake is that they don't want it to be associated with shit like this?

And just keep this mind: Wherever you live, there's someone near you who sees absolutely NOTHING wrong with this kind of xenophobic fear-mongering.


akkuma420 said...

lol...... damn, no shame.
That was pretty bad.

RestamSalucard said...

And now, just like the Jon Stewart video we get bigoted dipshits trying to defend these assholes. Seriously America, if this keeps up, we're just gonna go ahead and use Doctor Insano's "Build a giant Sawblade to cut ourselves off at the border and move to Australia so you don't bother us anymore," idea.

We just need to figure out how to deal with the whole "Attached to the earth's crust" problem.

untra said...

Umm... wow.
Thats a legitimate campaign? And its airing on TV? Just... wow.

*facepalmsigh* This is why I love/hate politics. Where is the political party that caters to the rational thinking fiscal conservative? Can someone point me in the right direction?

ZAENGO said...

ummm... wait. did you just say the red dawn remake isnt being released? pardon me, i need to go hit something. really fuckin' hard.

Anonymous said...

I was flipping through the channels just two seconds ago and saw this commercial on fucking CNN!

The Partisan said...

I'll be honest. I actually got a chuckle out of this.

Arturo said...

I'm speechless

Matt said...


Something like this would be political suicide in Canada, y'know with the whole "demonizing China" bit.

That and lobbiest groups practically don't exist around here.

Reece said...

You know, not to point out how much better we brits are, but that shit just wouldn't be allowed in the UK.

Not to mention who it was probably funded by (rich billionairs who want things to stay the same in America so they can keep raking it in) but the american further right have put out so much bile in the past years, some of its starting to stick to other countries (looks towards current UK party in power and how most of them are friends with the same rich billionairs that messed up your country). Seriously, sort it out.

Your country gets a little scarier each day.

*apologies to the majority of americans who are rational people just trying to get by or who have always opposed things the further right*

Jonathan said...

Crosspost from youtube comments:
"You obviously never met any Chinese. This is EXACTLY how they think of themselves relative to us. They not only consider their government and their culture superior, but their RACE. THEY censor their media to remove Western influences. THEY are the xenophobic racists.

This class isn't in 2030 - it's today."

Joe said...

Um, the reason those particular nations "failed" was because of imperialist overreach.

I'm always amazed at US politicians and wonks who clamour about reducing government spending and waste, but never consider whether the US military needs to have billion-dollar installations in 2/3 of the nations of the planet while some towns can't provide police or snow removal.

RocMegamanX said...


Now, not that I support communism or the Chinese government...but this is probably way too politically incorrect for this day and age. Not to mention this ad may endanger chances of there being a Karate Kid II with Jackie Chan. (NOTE: I'll admit, the 2010 KK was a good remake, despite not watching the original.)

What's next? Someone on Big Hollywood gonna sneer at the children's show "Ni-hao Kai-lan" for "brainwashing our preschoolers into thinking that Chinese culture is beautiful and interesting "?

Chun Li should have a word with these guys.

Rarer Monsters said...

I'm sorry, clearly you've met all billion of them and know the monolithic single-minded way in which they think.

But, really, thanks for posting. We need to be reminded that people like you exist.

As a side note, this should remind us of the sad life that awaits Asian Americans trying to act...they have to take parts INSULTING ASIANS.

Andy Warth said...

@Rarer Monsters

Uh, I think Jonathan was just quoting a Youtube comment...

Jonathan said...

@Rarer monsters

I'm sure the actors have very similare opinions of (the politics and attidude, not the culture and and history from) their home contry.

Clayton said...

and America becomes a littler dumber.

chartos said...

The Ku Klux Klan would find this offensive.

underthepale said...

On the one hand, the fact that China is on the cusp of being a true economic superpower, whose entry into that field would indeed grant them the benefits associated with being up and coming in the world is a little scary...

... On the other hand, the last time a nation threatened America as an economic superpower, it was Japan, and their economy imploded (much like ours, really).

If none of this rings a bell, go watch Blade Runner (or any "Gibsonian" cyberpunk media) for a good idea of what we used to think the future will look like.

Am I saying it can't or won't happen? No. All I'm saying is, I doubt it's very likely.

(And as an aside, to our friends in other nations who make broad, sweeping comments about what this kind of spot says about America? Please stop. You don't live here, you don't know what this nation is really like. Opinions like the ones in this ad are fringe, fringe opinions often get publicized first. You don't agree with this sort of thing? That's good; Neither do we. The reason we don't respond with the same outrage is, well, any idiot can spend money and get a TV spot. It's not hard. We just kind of tune it out. Thank you for the vote of support, but choose your words with greater care. The same way China is not some monolithic evil, neither are we.)

The Karligarchy said...

Ok I understand that this is just fear mongering and the consequences will be people thinking China is after us and that we are heading for Cold War 2 with China and should treat them like the Soviet Union during the Cold War. I understand this and the negative perceptions that will stick with people long after this election is over, by which time the politicians will have forgotten about this. But how exactly is this racist? Is this really exploiting racial stereotypes? It just seems like a classroom with students in it. Granted the message is "if you dont contribute to us Chinese students will laugh at you in the year 2030". I just dont see any racial stereotypes being used. If you want to see a more racist add use this

Matt said...

@The Karligarchy

That ad is so laughable racist all the "Americans" are all well dressed white people (save for the token black woman at :10) while the "Mexicans" are all dirty and poorly clothed.

And I agree, the other ad isn't really racist as much as it's fear mongering and jingoism.

Morgan said...

no matter how racist you think it is, I think its proving a very good point. these debts don't just disappear. when (not if) the dollar falls and is removed from its throne as the federal reserve currency, China will have complete ownership of all our properties because we don't have anything else to pay them back with. andabout the whole fear mongering comment, that's bullshit. this is the furthest thing from propoganda and maybe if the general population gave a shit about their country and world, the government wouldn't need to spend your money trying to warn you of impending danger.

fuck the world

Olive Branch said...

lol well to their credit they are factually right. but that fear mongering was a laugh riot. China doesn't give a rat's ass that america is imploding. The country and its people never gave a rat's ass about any other country unless they were specifically asked to be involved you know the tributary system? So all that hilarious "now they work for us!" neo-nazi crap just makes this ad so bad its lovable!

I'm just glad that most people especially the people commenting here realize this ad is malarky. Seriously the day China resumes power is the day everybody can breathe a sigh of relief from all the destabilization in the world today.