Friday, October 15, 2010

Car Bear Stare

Have we seen this yet?

Nissan has a new electric car out, "The Leaf." Here's how they're advertising it:

Two things immediately jump to mind:

#1: Yes, that's adorable, agreed. Well done. On the other hand... uh, Nissan? Electric Car manufacturers in general? Guys? Yeah... "buy this car and Gaia will thank you" is the epitome of preaching to the converted, y'know? Like it or not (and believe me, I don't...) if you want to actually sell electric cars, you kinda have to make an ad for Michael Bay's America - i.e. the thousands-strong nitwit-army that looks at this and goes "dude bro, that's sooooo ghey!"

#2: Um, Internet? This has been out there for like a month - so WHY can't I yet find a "parody" version where The Bear then heads across the street and mauls some douchebag with a Hummer? C'mon, get cracking!


Tim said...

Other M still sucks ass :)

John said...

Tim? Shut up. It's not funny, never has been.

Bob? Agreed on both points, especially the spoof. That'd be awesome.

Arman said...

Hurray! Now I can spend money I don't have buying a sub-par car running on sub-par propulsion technology in order to alleviate my eco-guilt.

No thanks. I'll keep my internal combustion engine. Have fun finding charge stations.

Moshi said...

Bullshit ad for a bullshit car.

Charlie said...

I heard about this last spring. The good news is that it's the real deal, no gas, emissions. The bad news is that it can only go ~100 miles before it needs to recharge. Still, gives you hope for the future.

@Arman, Actually, Nissan is distributing devices to let owners charge the Leaf in their garage. Probably takes a while, but again, makes you dream of a day when gas stations will be a thing of the past. Sorry if that sounded too sugary, I just feel optimistic for some reason.

Q said...

Oh come on, I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, I don't think this ad is for the "Greenheads" (New Political Buzz Word Activate!) but for the little 14 to 16 year old spoiled brats who will just think the Wuffy Powlarr bear is just too cute.

a.k.a.A.M.V.P said...

Immediately after the commercial ends, the bear asks the guy for a lift back home. The driver points out that the bear won't fit in the back seat, and that cars can't drive over water.

The man's wife steps outside to see her husband and a one ton polar bear sharing an awkward silence. She is unfazed, as, being the co-owner of a Leaf, this sort of thing happens all the time.

tyra menendez said...

Haters gonna hate.

I don't usually go for those internet catch-all phrases, but it seemed appropriate.

Joe said...

My friend worked for Nissan's call centre until very recently, so I heard about the Leaf as well--and the massive retraining of mechanics involved.

(btw, how's this for globalization? A Japanese car company subcontracts its call centre to an Indian HR firm, who hires a bunch of Canadians to provide call-centre service to American customers.)

While I'm all for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing our dependency on fossil fuels controlled by 3rd world tyrants, I don't like this kind of bait and switch. Yes, the car is electric. Fantastic. How are we generating the electricity? It doesn't mean much to reduce car emissions if we're just increasing those from coal and gas-fired power plants.

Arman said...

Not to mention all those toxic batteries that gotta be buried in some landfill somewhere. :p

Best way to go, in my opinion, is to continue to improve upon the internal combustion engine. Make it more efficient, so it uses less fuel to do more work. Not invest in unprofitable and super expensive alternate forms of propulsion.

Timothy said...

If there's one reason to hate the simpsons it's the way that over the years they driven the public view of nuclear power into the ground. Nuclear power if you actually research into it unbias, is more eco-friendly and effective than just about every other source out there. And don't go talking to me about solar and wind power until you consider how much you probably threw into the air making the steel to make those 300+ windmills that probably don't even rival the out put of one nuclear plant.

Arturo said...


That spinoff idea sounds awesome. I second the motion that we need to see that happen.