Friday, October 15, 2010

danger zone

So... "Top Gun 2," huh?

Of course, it won't be called "Top Gun 2" - it'll be one of those Title: Subtitle sequels. "Top Gun: Something-Plane-Related."

Here's my question: Does anyone give a shit?

Granted, this could easily be one of those "oh, right, you live in a different world than most people" moments - but as far as I've ever seen "Top Gun" has for a long time been up there with "Dirty Dancing" or "Young Guns" in the pantheon of 80s nostalgia-trip movies where the remaining appreciation is entirely ironic; i.e. people remember it mainly to goof on it for the cartoonish misrepresentation of the Air Force, the cheeseball score and soundtrack, the furiously-sincere pouting from Crusie and Kilmer and the comically-blatant homoeroticism. Hell, I honestly doubt that most people under-20 are even AWARE of it... unless maybe their parents or older siblings showed it to them.

Am I missing something? Is there really a big enough contingent of people out there for whom "Top Gun" is still this big, important piece of the culture - and who're really eager to find out what's going on "now" with Maverick?

Apparently, all it takes is ONE: The "cute" part of the story is that this is essentially a "fanboy" project - David Ellison, son of ridiculously-wealthy Oracle Corp founder Larry Ellison, is a film school grad and aviation-afficionado (he produced and acted in "Flyboys," which was basically Top Gun in WWI) and HE'S the one leaning on Jerry Bruckheimer to make TG2 happen - though, as that linked-article pointed out, they've first got to figure out what the make the movie about now that the Air Force is less dedicated to dogfighting and more about precision-bombing.


Arturo said...

I'm 18 years old. The first time I even heard of Top Gun was as the name of this rollercoaster at an amusement park in Toronto.

Never seen the movie, but I dig the Top Gun theme. It's extremely hummable and such a soaring piece of music.

Elessar said...

I'm 20 and I've seen it without my older _______ showing it to me.

And no, no one gives a shit. Look how the Dirty Dancing Sequel turned out. The best thing to come out of Top Gun was the Steve Ouimette cover of the theme on Guitar Hero 3.

Anonymous said...

God, I hate to be a nerd about this of all movies, but I'm military so I have to point out... Top Gun wasn't about the Air Force. It was about Navy Pilots (hence the white uniforms at graduation.) Never tell a Navy pilot he's Air Force lol...bad things will happen. ;)

I agree it's an unnecessary sequel though, especially now. I mean, it might be fun just for the attempted cheese factor, but...meh. (I agree the music is fantastic though. One of my favorite sound tracks of all time.)

Euler d'Moogle said...

"Here's my question: Does anyone give a shit?"

No. Or at least I sure don't.

beyrob said...

I'm 24, and no. Even though I liked the orignal. no not at all.

Anonymous said...

"Is there really a big enough contingent of people out there for whom "Top Gun" is still this big, important piece of the culture"

Yes, there is. Personally, I can't stand Top Gun, but a lot of guys in generation X and Y consider it one of the best movies ever made.

"and who're really eager to find out what's going on "now" with Maverick?"

Probably not. The sequel will probably be forgotten as quickly As Dirty Dancing 2.

RocMegamanX said...

Another one? Are Hollywood studios really THAT starved for films to make that they have to go to their backlog and make sequels/remakes of movies from the 80s now?

First Wall Street, now this?!

Though, Tron Legacy is kinda intriguing. I really should watch the original.

a.k.a.A.M.V.P said...

@ Arturo - I too associate Top Gun more with the ride than the movie. First coaster I ever rode, and one of the best in my book (though the one I went on is in N. Carolina). Course, now it's called Afterburn, but everyone still refers to it as Top Gun (all they did was change the sign).

Hyrabethian said...

Navy, not Air Force...=)