Friday, October 15, 2010

Escape to the Movies: "Red"

I liked it.

"Intermission" is about "Secretariat."


underthepale said...

Ah now... Judge Dredd wasn't such a bad movie, really. There was just one problem with it.

It wasn't a Judge Dredd movie.

Besides a few name drops and some elements in common with the comics, it had fuckall to do with Judge Dredd. Not that any action star with an ego as big as Stallone's would ever agree to be in a legitimate adaptation, since one of the "rules" about writing for Dredd is that Dredd NEVER shows his face.

You might get Statham to do it though. Hmmm... Damn shame we're already getting Urban; Statham's got a better chin for it...

Kram said...

I'd like to thank you for avoiding the shit storm that is Jackass 3-d.....premiere at the Museum of Modern Art.... I weep for the world

Ankhwatcher said...

I've wanted to see this from the first time I saw a commercial.
It looked so fun I started googling it in the cinema.

Thank you for reinforcing my decision!

Arturo said...

That got me totally giddy all of a sudden. Can't wait!!!

I had a good feeling about Red. Nice to see it gets your recommendation, Bob.

Neue said...

Wow Bob. Passing judgement on a movie that's barely begun it's Casting Process? Thats a new low.

tyra menendez said...

@Neue, you should read the Intermission column, more often, Bob already explained why that's a bad idea, for a video game movie.
Also, Nathan did a Spider-Man type, on Venture Brothers, recently, so that was nice.

And an Aussie (or is he a Kiwi?), playing a Brit character; interesting. But yeah, I'd like to see an actual Dredd movie, complete with British accents and cartoon violence. I want to see a Simon Bisley comic, brought to life.

Andrew said...

Yes Bob, us Britons are still angry about Judge Dredd.

Needs to be done properly.

LördFarkwad said...

From personal experience, every warren ellis comic has more awesome packed per page then the entirety of scott pilgrim...which is saying alot.

In short, not surprised this film is good.

Neue said...


So Bob's word is law? Give me a break.

Am I the only one that was taught to "Never judge a book by its cover"? I know its real cool and nerd hip to shit on anything and everything but come on. How closed minded. How juvenile.

Kyle said...

Urban was in the Riddick sequel as well... with Dame Judy Dench.