Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faraci Returns

If Harry Knowles is the Odin of internet movie-geek journalism, Devin Faraci - late of Nick Nunziata's - is Loki. It's best to think of Devin as the "dark side" of the Promoted Fanboy archetype; a frequent commenter on Chud's forums who landed himself a job writing for the site itself and became, for a time, the infamous "public face" of the whole enterprise... largely based on his outsize, hyper-confrontational personality, penchant for picking fights and "running down" the kind of projects and "sacred cows" other sites (and the "nerd ephemera" in general) were more friendly and/or deferential toward. A month or so back, he quit the site for a mysterious new project, then had a VERY public "falling-out" with Nunziata on Chud's own forums.

Well, now we know where he went: Running "Badass Digest,"a blog/site affiliate of the Alamo Drafthouse brand. It's early yet, but the idea seems to be a kind of "Men's Magazine" for the geek set. Check it out.

I know people tend to "hate" Devin and for myself... yeah, his self-hating geek "schtick" - "I'm better than you because I used to be an activist, I recognize that all this stuff I'm reporting on is stupid and lame and juvenille and if you actually DO take any of it at all seriously you're a sad pathetic loser, did I mention yet that I used to be an activist?" - gets tired as hell...

BUT the guy can write, and he's a unique voice in what does become an awfully same-sounding chorus in this business. Every Rainey Street needs a Dale Gribble, I suppose. So... welcome back, Devin.


Nick said...

I know that any criticism of someone like Faraci is bound to be dismissed as "Ooh, the Edgy™ critic probably just bashed something you like, butthurt fanboy, blah blah blah," but I've always thought of him as just too self-consciously obnoxious. Some critics are just harsh in this cynical, calculated way that makes me think they're just putting on a clown act.

I'm not familiar with the "Alamo Drafthouse" brand, but a brief overview of the new e-zine basically makes me think, "So, it's basically a Gawker clone with zombies?"

a.k.a.A.M.V.P said...

I came upon his writings only recently, but I'm somewhat comforted to find that my own opinion of the man (or rather the image of him cultivated by his articles) seems to be in line with the general consensus. Yes, he is a great writer (I especially liked his editorial directed at aspiring film critics), but I was never able to get fully comfortable when reading his work; not that that's a bad thing.

So best of luck to him on his new venture, though the proposed idea of 'geek's men magazine' doesn't really do anything for me. The concept sounds pretty much like Maxim, a publication that seemed to me as striving to be too many things and succeeding in none.