Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New "Crow" to be earnest, take self VERY seriously, possibly speak to animals

Bloody Disgusting says that Relativity Media's long-gestating Nick Cave/Steve Norrington relaunch of "The Crow" is ramping up again, and that the producers have offered the title role to their first choice: Mark Wahlberg. Apparently, this is for real.


I "get" the iconic stature of "The Crow" in the popular culture - Brandon Lee and all that - but beyond that isn't it one of those franchises that "belongs" to the era in culture/music/fashion/etc in which it came out? To me, making another "Crow" movie makes about as much sense as making another Superfly, or a "modern" All In The Family. Part of the reason the franchise stalled-out in the first place is that the audio/visual "atmosphere" associated with the first film - i.e. all the stuff that set it apart from any other generic "revenge from beyond the grave" story was "over" before the second one even came out. Having ANY actor running around looking like Robert Smith as a transgendered ninja-clown is going to be as out of place as bellbottoms and tie-dye.

You have to imagine Wahlberg - the quintessential "all-American-guy" leading-man - has been offered a ton of genre/superhero roles at this point, and he hasn't taken any of them... yet. So there's no garauntee he'll accept this one. If he does, I'd expect a significantly different interpretation of the character than we've seen before... and not just because it's hard to imagine Wahlberg not physically assaulting any makeup-artist who comes near him with a mascara brush.


Anonymous said...

Time to start blaring the Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails

M said...

I still count the death of Brandon Lee among my top ten "celebrity deaths that messed me up most." And by proxy, The Crow is a film that is important to me. But the fact is, The Crow is an excellent story-- it was as a graphic novel, it was as a movie... it was much less effective as a (multiple) sequel. So I've been psyched about the idea of a remake-- bringing this good story to a new generation.

And goodness, Mark Wahlberg is a great actor... blah blah... but SO WRONG for this part.

I don't think there's anything dated about the aesthetics of the story. I think it could be-- and maybe should be-- revamped. But it needs to hold true to the counterculture it espoused (it was at the time counterculture, before the Twilight/Adam Lambert types co-opted "goth" into mainstream... even Robert Smith was ALWAYS counterculture). Mark Wahlberg, of Entourage-producing-fame, ain't counter culture.

Anonymous said...

I, too, agree that the Crow is something tied to the decade in which it participated, but I suppose, if handled right, it could be a resurrection of that style? Who knows. Stranger things are happening. We might be poised for something like this, or if not right now, then some time in the future. It all comes down to timing.

Not psyched about this. Loved Brandon Lee. Loved the Crow. Don't care about this. I kinda feel like I should, as a fan but all it's getting from me is a resounding 'meh'.

Dave Kraft said...

Does anyone know if this is a remake of the original? Or just yet another shitty Crow sequel like that City of Angels crap that had Thomas Jane masturbating in a peep show booth?

If Heath Ledger was still alive, he could do the Crow EASILY. Brandon Lee's Crow is for all intensive purposes the progenitor of the Heath Joker. Imagine a pistol-wielding Heath Joker combined with Batman (ZOMG Jason Todd!? XD) with a black Commissioner Gordon and there you have it. So many scenes from that film can be put side-by-side with TDK and the original 1989 Batman.... the original Crow is kind of like the spiritual juncture between the 1989 Batman and TDK.

And yes, it was fucking awesome.


John said...

I could almost see Mark Wahlberg do "revenge from beyond the grave" well... just not as the Crow. More accurately: I could easily see him in a black trench-coat growling revenge cliches while toting a sawed off shotgun, but not while wearing makeup, and certainly not using a sword. It'd be cool, but it wouldn't be the Crow.

I actually can't think of any current actor who could pull off a decent Crow well, mostly because the particular style didn't age well. There are a lot who could carry a good supernatural revenge flick, but non who could do it well in makeup.

So yeah, not thrilled about this idea. The crow is a character that needs a very specific look and performance, and there aren't any mainstream or even off-beat actors I can think of who could pull it off. In a movie like the crow, a weak or unfit lead would likely be the kiss of death to it.

ZAENGO said...

i can almost imagine it. the crow standing over top dollar, near death. the crow looks him right in the eyes and says "say hi to your mother for me."

tyra menendez said...

Am I the only one thinking they might be wanting to make a more direct translation of the comic?
All those things in the movie, that tie it to the 90's, was only an invention of the movie. In the comic, he was a construction worker and a gear head. Top Dollar was not the big bad guy, Fun Boy was based on Iggy Pop, and the violence was much more brutal.
Oh, and mascara? That shit's for your eyelashes, it was eyeliner. Lipstick? Yeah, I can see Marky Mark going after someone for trying to put that on him, even though he was originally famous for dancing around in his underwear.

tyra menendez said...

Oh, also, Skeleton Cowboy.

Anonymous said...

The original "Crow" is actually still very relevant. Brandon Lee's look isn't very far off from the one Heath Ledger had in "The Dark Knight," and the general tone and editing style of modern superhero movies owes a lot to the first "Crow." I'd say it ranks with "Superman" as one of the most influential comic book movies of all time.

Anonymous said...

That said, the remake is certainly a bad idea. What more can really be done or said with this character? Like Robocop, The Crow is pretty much a one-hit wonder.