Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Podcast Interview (Armchair Thinkers)

Chris and Kyle, aka "The Armchair Thinkers," had your's truly as their guest on the Podcast this week. I thought it went pretty well, Judge for yourself.

Armchair Thinkers Facebook Page.

Armchair Thinkers on iTunes (I'm on EPISODE 9)


Drunken Lemur said...

Hey guess what! Lizards going to be the new villain in Spider-Man: The Twilight Saga. If you need me, I'll be gently weeping in the corner.

Gus said...

Bob, your idea of how the separate Mario universes was absolutely brilliant, and it makes perfect sence.

I am so jealous of Mr. Pranger and Mr. Martinak. I can't tell you how sweet it is to hear one of my favorite advocates to nerd culture talking hand in hand with two of my High School friends. It was also absolutely wonderful to hear that shoutout to ME! That made my day.

And they were absolutely right. I have used so many of your statements in your reviews verbatum to make a clear point why such and such sucks or why it doesn't.

If I could make one thing clear though, while I believe I very much agree with you when it comes to taste in movies, I feel like we reach an impasse when it comes to games. You see I owned a PS2 and now a PS3 (as well as a Wii), and I understand you have your reasons for not liking Sony so much, but I feel like there are a lot of exclusive franchises you would genuinely like if you gave them a chance. For instance, I wish I could hear your opinion on games like Jak and Daxter, Sly Copper, Little Big Planet, InFamous, or [definately] Ratchet and Clank.

Dispite all that, I still think you are brilliant, and continue to inspire me with great ideas of my own, and as a fellow fan of Spiderman myself, this next year might be a little painful for the both of us.

At least we got both Thor and Cap to look forward to.

Cesaria said...

Bob, you need to do a weekly podcast. You came off very natural and funny. I don't care with who or how you do one, I just want you in my ear holes weekly.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally Bob, I do remember the Yeti, specifically the mummified version of him doing a bear hug (which looked much more like a dry hump) do Hulk Hogan in ring.

As far as wrestling going outlandish, while you can find that in some of the indy feds (CHIKARA Pro being most prominent) in some ways pro wrestling in the states is still suffering from the same insecurities as comics in the late 80s.

Fans and promoters are still reviling in the days of ECW and the nWo, where suddenly shades of gray was big, and lines between reality and fiction were blurred. That ended up being so successful and acclaimed that there is a reluctance to go back to the cartoon like outlandish programming of the 90s and early 90s.