Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rick Sanchez fired after anti-semitic rant against The Daily Show

...and since his show airs on CNN, this is probably the first time most people are hearing the name Rick Sanchez. MSNBC viewers, imagine a passive-aggressive, even-more-uncharismatic Ed Schultz.

Initially, Sanchez - in an interview with the Sirius Radio show "Standup! With Pete Dominick" - was evidently upset about the mockery his hyperbolic on-air "persona" frequently came in for on "The Daily Show." His explanation? Jon Stewart is "bigoted," presumably against Latinos and minorities in general...

And then it got better: Finding Sanchez unable to cite evidence of bigotry on Stewart's behalf, Dominick - whom you can just hear panting in excitement realizing how much attention his show is about to get for capturing a semi-noteworthy figure melting down live - opted to point out that Jon Stewart is, in fact, a minority himself. Sanchez response? To laugh heartily at the very idea of Jews as an oppressed minority... because, apparently, they "control the media." And CNN.

The only video I could find with that specific part on it was itself being hosted on an anti-Jewish YouTube channel, so I'm not linking to it. Instead, here's the Young Turks on the whole situation:


Anonymous said...

Heh... already tweeted about this, actually. FUUUUUUUUNNY.

And by the way, Sanchez won major points with me when he called out Fox News on their out-and-out lies regarding CNN's presence at the Tea Party rallies in Washington...

Yeah, he's frittered them all away now.

Nick said...

Dear Desk,


I wish to renew my intimate acquaintance with you at this time. As you may remember fondly (or perhaps not so fondly!) we have had many encounters over the past few years, sometimes even repeatedly.

I look forward to our imminent reunion.



Rob said...

My introduction to Rick Sanchez was during the possible Tsunami heading at Hawaii after the Chile quake last year. I'm from Hawaii, and spent an anxious Saturday glued to my TV hoping for news, any news that my friends and family were going to be ok.

Rick Sanchez not only misidentified the Galapagos as the Hawaiian Islands on Google Earth, but then went on to yell at the guest oceanographer because he wouldn't predict a calamitously large wave.

Bye Rick, it's been fun.

Mosab said...

Forgive me for being late to this party but I can't really see how joking about Jews controlling the media is "anti-semitic".
I thought being in charge of something was a positive thing, I'd love it if someone said I was in control of anything, even jokingly.

Is this another part of trying to paint Jews the "untouchable" ones? (no not in a Japanese sense, in a semi-literal sense.) Any crack about us and you're anti-"us"?

Don't get me wrong the guy's an idiot, but I fail to see the antisemitism in what he said.