Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Spiderlight" flips-off Sam Raimi, Spider-Man fans, one more time

According to The Wrap, we now know which villain actor Rhys Ifans will be playing as the main heavy of Sony's Spider-Man reboot: Dr. Curt Connors, aka The Lizard.

Fuck. That is all. Just... Fuck...

Okay, perhaps a little more - but still "fuck" basically covers it.

No information is provided (yet) as to what the character will actually "do" in the film, but in the broad strokes this would seem to make perfect sense: The reboot is (still, supposedly) aiming to transform the franchise into a "Twilight"/early-"Buffy" style high school genre flick, and Connors usual origin as a science teacher who turns into a monster after using genetic experiments to try and grow his amputated arm back would fit very snuggly into that kind of template - it requires VERY little explanation ("What is 'The Lizard?'" "um... he's a lizard.") his story-arc can occur independently of Spidey's until they cross and being a schoolteacher he can be "around" the main plot without bending the story (such as it is) into knots.


If you recall, the original three Spider-Man films spent a bunch of B-story time setting up Dylan Baker as the Lizard-to-be. So now, not only will fans (to say nothing of Baker) not get to see that storyline culminate, they'll see a cut-rate version in it's place. Joy.


Arturo said...

Shame that.
BTW, you seem to bery very active with your posts this last few days. Nice.

Dave said...

Can you just admit that you are determined to hate this movie no matter what?

Yes, how dare the new spiderman movie use a spiderman villain people have wanted for years but never got. How dare they! How dare they use one of spiderman's classic villains from an era of the franchise YOU YOURSELF claim to be superior to the modern offerings?

Come on man. What villains should they be using? If they used one of the ones Raimy did, you'd accuse them of copying. If they used an unpopular or obscure villain, you'd bash them on that. And let's not pretend you don't have a long "teh 90s are the devil!" rant planned for the event that venom/carnage details surface.

For fuck's sake, so far the news regarding this film has been better than we had reason to hope for. The main leads are both vastly more talented than the actors they are replacing, and they are using one of the most classic spiderman villains of all.

I fail to see how doing things people have been asking for since day one is a fuck you to anyone. Instead of just bitching like a spoiled child, how about you say how you'd make it better. What villains do you deign to allow them to use? Perhaps a completely uncanonical female vulture and a totally radical green goblin on an inexplicable hoverboard?

Bob said...


How much more clearly can I say "this would seem to make perfect sense?"

In this particular case, my objection isn't to the potential film (like I said, it's a solid move in theory, irrespective of the shitpile the movie is likely to end up being) but to how much of a blatant "fuck you" it is to the filmmaker and actor(s) they threw under the bus - with premeditation, AFTER they forcibly screwed-up their last movie - to make this in the first place.

This is as bad as Warner Bros. kicking Billy Dee Williams out of the Harvey Dent role JUST to get a hot-that-year actor, when Williams had only taken the part in the first place because he was told he'd be Two-Face eventually.

Tim said...

What was 1995 the year of Tommy Lee Jones or did you fuck up and mean Jim Carrey who played the riddler and not two face

KevinCV said...

Your reply to Dave pretty much summed up what I wanted to say and more, Bob ol' buddy. You'd be surprised how many people are completely ignorant of the fact that the producers basically forced Raimi into putting Venom into "Spider-Man 3", which completely derailed the story that he was planning to tell, in my honest opinion. I've had a lot of my friends ask me "What was the hell was the point of Venom being in there in the first place?". I had to keep telling them, "There was none. The jackasses at Sony forced Sam Raimi into putting him in there because they thought he'd bring in more money. However, they decided to guilt-trip him by using the age-old pretense of 'It's what the fans want'." I'm honestly not a fan of Venom either, but here's what I would've done if the producers told me to put the alien costume into "Spider-Man 3":

I would've done it similar to what Raimi did, minus the jazz dancing montage and the whole "emo" look when Peter was under the influence of the suit. I'd show Peter under the influence of the suit as something comparable to a drug addict: Once he's had a taste of the power, he needs to keep using it until he reaches rock bottom, which would be when he realizes what a monster he's become. Then I'd do that scene in the church where he gets rid of the suit, but I wouldn't show it enveloping Brock as part of it. I'd save that for an after-the-credits sequel hook scene at the end of the movie, just to keep the Venom fans from bitching that the plot of the alien costume was wasted. I'd just show Peter getting rid of it, and being like "Thank God, it's all over...". Then, it'd back to business as usual in the ol' red and blue costume again.

If it were successful enough to warrant a "Spider-Man 4", then I'd bring Venom into it. But not right away. I'd have Peter get this odd feeling that he's being watched. However, because his spider-sense can't detect it, he just brushes it off and thinks it's nothing to worry about. But there IS something following him. It's Venom, lurking in the shadows. He's stalking Peter like a vengeful predator, and choosing the right time to strike.

Alexander said...

I mean it sucks what was done to Sam Rami, but on the bright side it is staring Andrew Garfield, who had decent supporting roles in two of the best movies of the year, the social network and never let me go, so i have a lot more faith in him now than i did when it was first anounced that he would be in the role. Also Emma Stone is in it, and she's pretty talented and can hold up her end i think, its almost a shame she not MJ because shes better the kirsten dunst. Also Rhys Ifans is always great to watch, though i'm not sure how well his usual manic personality will fit into the role of Dr. Connors, who's usually pretty reserved right?

Anyway honestly the more people they attach to this movie the more i find my self thinking "You know this might be alright after all". I'm just hoping they don't go to far on the teenage melodrama bullshit, which i think is the biggest thing in the way of this movies success at the moment

Moshi said...

bluh bluh bluh dey tuk my superhero bluh bluh bluh

Smashmatt202 said...

You've got to be fucking shitting me. >:I

Chris Donaldson said...

I'm confused- did anyone actually think they would retain any of the casting choices from the previous series? Of course they're going to recast Dr. Connors. You'd have to be a complete dolt to expect otherwise.

I am not looking forward to this movie but getting outraged over this makes absolutely no sense to me.

MAHistorian said...

Chris Donaldson@

I agree, with your statement, that the outrage, over the Spider-Man Movie Reboot, especially recasting the villains, is overblown and needs an reassessment.

When Sony Pictures, forced Sam Rami, off the director's chair and, then, canceled production, of Spider-Man 4, it sparked the justifiable outrage, among the fans, towards this, in my view, bad decision, from Sony Pictures.

However, Sony Pictures made the decision, almost, a year ago, it is time, for the fans, to let go, of their outrage, and ,now, be concern, whether, the film will be any good, or not.

Nate said...

Hey, happened to be doing some research into an article/rant I'll be posting on my own blog (as soon as I find the time to actually get it going) about the same topic and I stumbled into yours.

Great post and, frankly, I feel the same way.

MAHistorian said...


Thanks for the compliment, and I will look forward, to reading your article/rant, about this topic, when you have the time, to post it, on your blog.

CraftyAndy said...

I was stunned how they handled Venom in the 3rd movie in the first place. He's one of the best villians in the franchise until Maximum carnage came along. I was hoping for maybe having Harry kill Marry Jane on the same bridge his father died spiderman kill harry and then realizing his taste for power fucked him up and then set up the 4th movie for venom and sandman coming after him.
I mean it was a mess and I can't blaim Sam for doing the things he did in the third movie to at least attempt making it fun for people. And I can see how having something forced in can fuck things up like that.
Plus why is venom such a hated character in the first place?