Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Green Machine

Ladies and Gentleman, the (sort-of) live-action debut of the world's most-beloved color-oriented superhero NOT possessing a vagina... The Green Lantern:

Video after the jump (Blogger? Please fix this embed-code issue.) I like what I'm seeing. A lot:

I mean... could it be? A Warners/DC superhero movie that's not trying to pretend it's anything but a superhero movie? Bright and colorful, all the cosmic stuff and aliens and puffy-brained bad guys right up front, no tacit apology being made for how weird everything looks? It's about fucking time.

Yes, the CGI is obviously unfinished and they're trying to have it both ways with the tone (it wants to be a "funny" trailer and an "epic" trailer at the same time) but this is EXACTLY what they needed to turn the buzz around, i.e. a metric ton of "first looks" - The Ring, The Costume, Oa, Tomar Re, Kilowog, Abin-Sur, Sinestro, Hector Hammond ALL accounted for. Mission accomplished, fandom (probably) placated. NOW they need a "story trailer."

I maintain that part of the reason for the first "Iron Man's" surprise mega-success was that it had the best trailer EVER for a character most people had never heard of: It gave non-fans the ENTIRE first act and origin-story in condensed form: Awesome fun guy captured by Terrorists, makes a Robot-Suit to fight Terrorists, then makes BETTER Robot-Suit to fight MORE Terrorists. Boom. Ticket sold.

This, while solid, probably isn't gonna do that for people who don't already know who Green Lantern is. They need (and will probably "do" later) a trailer to give "regular" audiences a solid idea of what the Green Lantern Corps is, how the ring works, etc. Right now, if you're not already a fan, the takeaway from this trailer is: "likable actor can fly and shoot green stuff at aliens." Not bad... but it's not the "pre-awareness" that blockbusters are made of.


Drunken Lemur said...

Looks good, though the video seems to be squashed at the moment. So glad to finally see Tomar Re. A little disappointed that Hal didn't get chosen while in a jet or a simulator, and from the looks of things, the ring didn't even go out and find him, but maybe that's just something the trailer didn't show. I'm not going to start bitching about that until the real thing is out. Still disappointed in the Thomas Kalmaku design they went for, but I suppose I should just be glad he's there in the first place. I'm not up to date with the current personality of Hal, but I'm guessing this isn't that much like it. Feels more like Kyle Rayner to me, even though I have no formal exposure to him, so maybe I'm just talking out of my ass, and no, that is not an invitation to correct me. But then again, if they did use Kyle, the fanboys of the world (myself included) would have burned Warner Brothers to the ground. So I'm guessing this is their way to have their cake and eat it too. Still wondering how John Stewart equates into all of this.

Smashmatt202 said...

I don't know about Green Lantern fans, but I definitely like the trailer and I'm pretty damn excited for this movie!

akkuma420 said...

Looks ok.
I was kinda expecting more.
This was only A trailer though.
Still gonna see it regardless.

akkuma420 said...
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Christopher said...

It's on bitches, Green Lantern is coming to town

a.k.a.A.M.V.P said...

This whole time, I've been mistaking Ryan Reynolds for Chris Evans; I mean, it's unlikely the Green Lantern and the Human Torch would ever be running into each other, so it could have technically worked.

Lucas Neumann said...

@ Drunken Lemur

Well, Hal Jordan got a HUGE injection of popularity recently, because of the Blackest Night story line DC, and now the Brightest Day. So really, I don't think they could put up any Lantern other than Hal.
But personality wise... let's face it, Green Lantern is no Batman or Superman. Outside the comic community, little is know about him. I've never read of of his books, I just know GL from other stories
So, insted of putting a serious Hal Jordan, why not spin it and put Ryan Reynolds' charismatic cracking wise act, so everybody would be happy? Except of couse for the purists fanboys... then again, those guys are never happy

ZAENGO said...

good god, I feel like a 12 year old girl who just met justin bieber.

this. is going. to kick. ASS.

Sophie said...

Looks decent.

Clayton said...

Bob, stop with cheap shots at DC already. It's getting more than a little childish. Sometimes a little restraint with the camp is better for the medium than it's willing to admit.

Anyway, this could be interesting. I only have cursory knowledge of the Green Lantern, but this could be DC's answer to Iron Man (though once a sequel rolls around let's hope it doesn't turn into the mess that Iron Man 2 was like)

Arturo said...

So awesome...

Jack T. Chance said...

They should have saved the camp for The Flash. My expectations have just dropped exponentially.

KingOfDoma said...

Wow... blink and you'll miss it.

Bob, I don't know how intensely you read your comments, but read this one.


Yeah. That might be Sinestro getting blown out of a Yellow Power Battery.

Uh huh.