Monday, November 01, 2010


Pix/vids will be up sooner or later, but for now the rundown is things went pretty good for mine.

My weekend schedule was attending a friends' wedding Saturday (congratulations, guys!) followed directly by a film festival from midnight to noon Sunday, then all day in Salem MA for Halloween itself. So... about 30-32 hours awake and in a Mario costume for me.

Good times.


rob said...

Mario and coins? Sonic with rings would hqve been better for a wedding :p

Arturo said...

Were there any people from Japan running towards you like

The Partisan said...
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Darren said...

At least you weren't in a peach costume :P

ZAENGO said...

30-32 hours? that sounds like a party. did you party? did you party hardy? i bet you did. you crazy mother fucker.

akkuma420 said...

Kind of had a similar weekend it sounds like.
Went to A wedding on Friday, everyone dressed up for the wedding, pretty funny.
Halloween party on Saturday and Sunday..... slept till almost 4 on Monday..... lol.
Thank god I had Monday off, I don't think I would have made it through the day, would have just passed out.

KevinCV said...

Sounds like you had a better weekend than me, Bob. Congrats you to your friend, though.

I don't mean to get off-topic, but do you like the "Back to the Future" series? If so, I don't know if you've heard, but Telltale Games is making a "Back to the Future" game! The best part? They got Christopher Lloyd to reprise the role of Doc Brown! I was totally rejoicing when I found that out! Here's the website, if you're interested: