Saturday, November 06, 2010

Memo to MSNBC

Below, Rachel Maddow's statement vis-a-vi Keith Olbermann. The relevant/implicit "bigger picture" comes in at about 5:25...

MSNBC? Yes, including you Rachel - although I still maintain you run the best show on cable news. Guys? This is getting SAD.

Everyone gets it. You didn't like Jon Stewart putting clips of you in the mix with clips of Beck and Hannity at the Sanity Rally. It stung, it hurt your self-esteem, you probably do sincerely think it was a "false equivalency."

Get the fuck OVER IT.

You're still "better" than Fox because Fox outright lies and you only "spin." You're still "cooler" than Fox because you're dialed-in to the sensibilities of college kids, movie stars and the rest of the world - which are cool; while Fox is dialed-in to NASCAR and Branson - which are not cool. The writers and stars of The Daily Show still like you better; they basically HAD to put you in there or risk losing the point of their own rally and damaging their own "firing at all sides" reputation. Most of the kids at the rally, and in TDS's audience, still love you. Take note: Mattering enough to be goofed-on by TDS means you are doing something right - notice who WASN'T in there as much? CNN. Because nobody gives a damn.

Someone told a joke about you. It happens. Deal with it. Stop acting like a two year-old (or Sean Penn) about it. Put on some tea and toast, have a popsicle, watch a John Hughes movie...

And get the fuck OVER IT.

...oh, and then get rid of Ed Schultz, quietly shuffle a browbeaten Olbermann into his late slot and give Maddow "Countdown's" old timeslot. There, now you're lineup sucks at least 40% less ;)


Q said...

Bob, you're sick.

Anonymous said...

cenk uygur has a good shot at getting his own show though, and i was hoping he would take shultz's time slot. shultz is proof that even if you are well intentioned, honest and make strong arguments, if you sound like a whining bitch you lose. keith will not come back i think, this is shuster all over again.

Arturo said...

Get over it. Plus, the "Sanity" rally was full of win.

Arman said...

Pffft. Ha ha.

"We are a news operation, not a political operation"


The most surprising thing to come out of all of this is that Olbermann contributing funds to campaigns is the reason behind his suspension. Nevermind the lying, the personal attacks, the hyperbolic, foaming at the mouth rants. Never mind the fact that he is, and always was, a hyper-partisan lunatic Olbermann hasn't been ethical for a long time. Why this? Why now?

The guy loses his job for giving his personal money to a campaign because MSNBC wants to continue to pretend that Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Matthews and rest of the loonies are actual anchors when they're not. Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly. They aren't anchors, they aren't journalists...and they never claim to be. So there isn't any ethical issue with them giving money and talking about who they support. They're commentators. You know that they're all about opinion.

And while I feel a pang of sympathy for the guy, he kind of brought this on himself. He wanted to present himself as the reincarnation of Edward R. Morrow. He wants to pretend to be a legitimate journalist, then he can be treated like a legitimate journalist.

Benfea said...

They're not going to get rid of Ed Schultz, as much as he annoys me. His radio show has too many listeners for them to risk ditching him.

But if we can dream, I would love it if they replaced Schultz with Cenk Uygur of Young Turks fame. I notice he's been subbing for a few people here and there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Arman raises a point. The people complained about (irritating as they are) are not anchors. They're job is to stir opinion. Endorsing candidates is what they are expected to do.

That doesn't forgive Fox News of course ;D

I'm really loving the irony of Maddow's rant. She states that she and Olbermann are journalists, yet she rants on air in a very unprofessional way. Take a joke, sweet heart.

buzzkillinton said...

Stirring stuff. american politics so so fun. makes irish politics seem boring by comparison.

Arman said...

Well, surprise, surprise. He's back on Tuesday. Wow. Really clamping down on ethics there aren't you MSNBC. Really draconian of you, giving the guy an extended weekend :p

As I suspected. This was just some publicity stunt for MSNBC to go on about having "Journalistic Standards" in comparison to their rival Fox News. I doubt anyone but the most deluded leftist will buy it.

a.m.bernal said...

Idiots, a democrat defends herself in a less than strictly controlled and charming way and you assholes attack her... and then on the other hand some of you label democrats as being pussies, including Obama. See the irony, Bob?