Saturday, November 27, 2010

MST3K. Gamera. Collection.

Hat tip: Devin

I remain convinced that "Mystery Science Theater 3000" would have a MUCH larger present-day fanbase if it wasn't nearly impossible to see it without already being in search of it. The episodes were 2 hours long (with commercials) making it incredibly hard - but not impossible - to syndicate; but as the producers didn't actually own/license the films they riffed on (relying on the licensed-film catalogues of the cable channels the show aired on) a HUGE number of episodes can't even be released on DVD because the rights are spread out among so many different companies. Thusly, it's still a far-off dream of frustrated MiSTies everywhere to one day see Season Sets, or even a complete collection.

But as of yesterday, the wait will be a little bit easier; as five of the most sought-after episodes in the series' history finally return: MST3K: THE GAMERA COLLECTION.


Not wholly unexpected - DVD outfit Shout! Factory (who've become to the Autumn Age of DVD what Anchor Bay was to the initial DVD Boom,) who own the DVD rights to MST3K, itself picked up the original "Gamera" movies and did a BIG release last year - prompting more than a few fandom-born campaigns to get them to do the MST3K episodes as well.

No word yet on release date or price, but still...



Dave said...

I don't know why...but I always felt bad watching them make fun of gamera. I mean, Japan was still a basket case economically and even western scifi movies of thet time were pretty awful.

Felt kindof like making fun of a crippled child. It's especially hard seeing just how fucking awesome the gamera movies got when they had a budget. Heisei era Gamera was frigging mindblowing.

Rarer Monsters said...

MST's the latest thing.
It fills the world with Spring Spring Spring!
I will buy this DVD!

Rarer Monsters said...

Although, you can make a case that Gamera vs Zigra is a significantly better movie than Avatar.