Thursday, November 18, 2010

This I can get behind

Conventional wisdom is beginning to coalesce that "The A-'Meh'-Zing Spider-Man" has, if nothing else, a better cast than it's predecessors. Conventional wisdom, obviously, does not know the difference between "better" and "more interesting;" but whatever. This was around the same point in the buildup that people started to think "Transformers" could concievably be good, too... but we'll all find out in 2012.

In any case, finally a piece of casting I can 100% say is pretty damn awesome. It says precisely jack about the rest of the production, but I think it's cool in and of itself - which, of course, can only mean that this will be the one that everyone else HATES: Denis Leary is Captain George Stacy, aka "Gwen's Dad."

I like it. Here's why:

Well, first off: I'm from Boston, so I'm sort of obligated to at least give Denis the benefit of the doubt on everything he does. But mainly, it's the first casting decision that actually seems to indicate an interesting character direction.

See, while Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben) and Sally Field (Aunt May) are both fine actors, their casting here simply REEKS of lazy, unimaginative thinking because we've seen them do these parts (Famous Quotation Reader and World's Greatest Mom, respectively) hundreds of times before. Contrast that with last time, where casting the same roles with veterans who were known but not "household names" (Cliff Robertson and Rosemary Harris) was an early clue that they were looking for performances.

Denis Leary, on the other hand, doesn't exactly take every role that comes along, isn't at the top of any agency's list and is far removed from the traditional image of Captain Stacy; which is an indicator that they have something interesting in mind for the character. Color me interested, in any case.

P.S. Let's not get into the Bill Hicks thing, huh?


akkuma420 said...

lol!!! That's awesome! Love Denis Leary...
I now have 1 reason to go see this movie, unless it looks good then ill have a whole bunch of reasons, but, as of now, 1 very awesome reason.
Denis Leary....... haha, that's gonna be awesome.

a.k.a.A.M.V.P said...

Bill Hicks? What... oh, wait, that'd be getting into it. Sorry.

Christopher said...

Dennis Leary eh? I love and revere the man's comedy, so this outta be interesting

Anonymous said...

Was going to say, as a fan of Hicks, I almost feel honor-bound to disapprove of anything Leary's involved with. Even so, Leary's casting here should prove to be interesting, in one aspect or another.

Arturo said...

The man finds poetry in the various uses of the word "douchebag".
THAT I can get behind

Sarge said...

Am I the only person in the fucking world that's a fan of Bill Hicks AND doesn't think Leary ripped him off?

Does no one else know how comedy writing works?

Joe said...


Nope--maybe Leary riffed off some of the same concepts, but both did their own thing with it. Which only goes to show it's possible to have two angry, smoking guys in leather jackets but with different comic styles. And much as I love Hicks now, I didn't discover him until my 20s, while I can still quote most of Leary's No Cure for Cancer verbatim from endless teenage listening.

And I think Leary will be a great Capt. Stacey. I always liked watching him in supporting roles in various forgettable 90s films, where he basically played himself, but I liked that (Ice-T was doing the same thing at the time). And for all I know his acting range has improved--I've never watched "Rescue Me".

But seriously, Sony: who's going to hold a candle to J. K. Simmons' performance as J. Jonah?