Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zombie Odyssey

#1 question/critique offered every film critic: "Why don't you make your own damn movie?"

My general response: Does PARTICIPATING in one count?

This was made back in 2004, directed by my friend Tim and co-starring myself and multiple other friends and aquaintances. My brother and I produced, edited and did the optical effects (no CGI) Kristen Juliano did the really, really impressive makeup. The basic idea is "The Odyssey" reworked as a Romero-style Zombie Apocalypse saga.

That's me with the axe, and Tim as the lead zombie. This is the first time a "full uncut" version of this has been online, thanks to YouTube's time extension of recent.


Lucas Neumann said...


Your movie sucks Bob.

But hey! at least you have that answer for that question huh?

Anonymous said...

Answer to response is: generally no.

Movies from a production, storytelling standpoint is a different beast than from an acting perspective. The effort it takes to construct a story narratively and visually in my opinion is harder than the acting.

The make your own damn movie question approaches (from a rude direction mind you) that your lack of first hand experience in filmmaking limits your ability to rate movies objectively.

Arturo said...

Nice death scene Bob

Jason said...

The soundtrack was quite nice. I also rather liked the way it was shot. Or should I say the way it was edited? Either way, it wasnt half bad.

The Karligarchy said...

Creative death points Bob!

Andy said...

Past the acting and special effects, the camerawork and lighting, especially in the house scenes, were pretty great. The plot also worked pretty damn effectively as a narrative. That said, the lack of legit equipment/talent is pretty obvious. Basically, it's the best high school AP video production class project I've ever seen (and I have seen a damn few).
Chris Chipman, who I gathered from the credits worked the camera and lights, should get more formal training, or get work as a grip on sets.

Chris said...

Thank you all for the comments, both good and bad. We had a blast making this and getting a chance to finally share it in its entirety is great.