Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Below, trailer for "Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides;" the film that will answer the burning question: Can the franchise survive without that last sliver of pretense that it's anything other than a semi-annual showcase for Depp's Jack Sparrow schtick?


Every Second said...

Well on the one hand I'm REALLY glad they're making Ian McShane be a pirate. IT FITS!

But other then that... I don't know. That last movie was pushing it in regards to some kind of semblance of a plot... And now this?

I guess we should have expected it from Disney.

I'm calling it first. Next installment of pirates features Hannah Montana.

Genevieve said...

Please save us all from Hannah the pirate!

Jonnyp555 said...

I honestly can't think of any given trilogy that has done well by having a fourth movie glued on to its arse.

Sure, the third movie was pants and I suppose there must be some pressure to set the record straight and end on a high note.

But to be honest, if you stuck jonny depp in a movie and asked him to act all wacky for 90 minutes, people would still go see it regardless of what film it is. It never needed to be another "Pirates" movie.

Mr_Tinq said...

They're already getting into preproduction on 5 and 6, you know. It's not a fourth movie tacked onto the end of trilogy, it's a second trilogy. That worked out in the past, right?

Anonymous said...

Looks mildly exciting, but I'm personally not aching to see this since my favorite character through the first three movies was Elizabeth. Not the popular choice I'm aware, but I really don't care. I'm happy anyway with the ending that the writers gave her and Will, even though the one the producers forced upon the movie really sucks.
Anyway, for Jack Sparrow as a character to really work you have to bonce him off of more realistic or at least more grounded characters. This is why in the first three movies all the emotional drama surrounded Elizabeth, Will, Govern Swann, Norrington, and just about every other character besides Jack. And since all of the characters who had the clear, understandable motivations you're supposed to care about won't be around for the 4th movie, they have to make more characters or make Jack more realistic. And since he's a trickster, if they try to make him seem too much like a normal person his mystic will be lost.
However, they seem to have put more characters into it. Wonder if I'll care about any of them.

Lucas Neumann said...

Well... beats that boring turd of a movie with Angelina Jolie. An this one has the advantage to be Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley-less, so yeah, this one they will go all out wacky jack. Pretty much Depp is the one who holds this franchise together, so might be fun.

But in all honesty, does anyone really, I mean REALLY likes those movies, or just a popcorn sitdown for an hour and a half? I just can't get into them. Yeah they are fun, but I just don't care about them, at all.

And yep, put my chips for Miley Cyrus in the next movie. She's getting old and wanting to show her tits. Disney needs to act fast to make some money out of her before her metamorphosis into Lindsay Lohan is complete.

Pat said...

Here's the problem with studios.

The first Pirates of the Caribbean came out, and no one expected it to succeed. But against all odds, it did, mostly because it was actually a good movie.

It wasn't flawless. I thought the action scenes were overlong and uninteresting (when you have the bad guys fighting the bad guys, there's really no reason to focus on it), but for what it was, it managed to impress.

Obviously, what made the movie stand out the most was Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow, so in the sequels, they decided to focus more on him, and now they're focusing entirely on him.

The thing is, Jack Sparrow in the first movie was an accident. Or at least, the way he was written wasn't the way Depp played him. Depp was given a straight-up pirate role and decided to play him like a rock star. He also was more or less just a supporting character. He barely had any development in the first movie. The movie mostly focused on Will and Elizabeth.

That's what made Sparrow work so well. Depp was playing outside of the box of the role, and the role itself wasn't central to the plot.

But in the sequels, and especially in this upcoming movie (based on the trailer), the role is written based on the way Depp played Sparrow in the first movie. This makes Depp's acting feel less inspired and more gimmicky. And while Will and Elizabeth still had important roles, it really became about Sparrow, especially in the last movie. When you reduce the rock star theme to a gimmick and make it the center of the film, it feels hollow.

Imagine you had an above average meal put in front of you, and as a bit of a flair, the chef put some gourmet chocolate on the side. You love the dish. Because of your response, the restaurant buys a ton of mass-produced store-bought chocolate and adds it to the meal by default, reducing the other portions to make room for it. Then they eventually decide to just sell the store-bought chocolate as its own meal and discontinue the other one.

That's what this feels like to me.

Unless this gets amazing reviews, I'm skipping it.

Smashmatt202 said...

I thought the trailer was alright. I think more people liked Captain Jack Sparrow more than the two actual main characters of the last three movies, anyway.

Nafees said...

What's wrong with you disrespectful people.
It's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

I'm mildly excited for this as well. It will be solid, but also slightly pointless

Joe said...

@Pat--I think you summed up exactly what my problem was with the 2nd and 3rd movies. I could point out all the components that didn't work, but you tied them all together. Thanks.

Anyway, I am happy that Disney's giving Tim Powers, a good author, a nice consideration for mining On Stranger Tides for ideas, but I'm not expecting much.

Sophie said...

oookay..not sure I am boosting my popularity around here or lowering it. My thoughts... I always heard of there being a new PotC movie... but I never bought it. Or rather I thought it gets lost in the shuffle, with the trilogy being over. When reading an article about "The Tourist" I read in a side comment about PotC IV... now I saw the trailer... and puh.. okay, first of all I loved part I, even though Orlando Bloom was kind of a downer (a trait which he brought with consistency back to the sequels). Part II... was not a movie... that was a movie linkage. Part III. I did like it. But I agree with the assessment that Sparrow only takes the lead by being written as a side character. Plus, something about the trailer tells me a lot of action scenes from the trilogy will be recycled in it, and I hate going to watch a movie I have seen before. Don´t get me wrong, I will watch it. I always do... but am I excited. Not really. I am more into Thor right now. Oh, and are they SERIOUSLY pre-producing 5 and 6...????? Please not, wasn´t the SAW franchise bad enough (I mean, I don´t mind there being a POTC trilogy but that should have been the END just like SAW should have been a no-sequel-piece of awesomeness). Okay, those are my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Honestly? So, I suppose I'm really the only one who absolutely loves the original three movies to death?

I'm quite excited for this, though I'm worried about it. The trailer is promising enough, though it doesn't show much development for the other characters. Hopefully they'll be good.

Jonnyp555 said...

See I didn't realise this was part one of a new trilogy. I suppose there's some hope in that.

It never felt like the first three were a trilogy. The first one was more or less a stand-alone so it felt more like one movie followed by a two-part spin-off. It's like how the Matrix was technically a trilogy because of the other two, but it never really felt like a consistant story.

Maybe now that they've tested the water they can go ahead with a full-on three-part story... then again Terminator Salvation happened so who knows.

Anonymous said...

It's odd, almost like a spin-off, because even though Jack stole the show, it was Will who was placed as more of the main character with a love interest and all. I love Captain Jack Sparrow, though. And I'll see this.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, thats enough for me to watch this movie. Jack is just that interesting a character. Even if part of his charm was his unimportance. But I still wondered about that cliffhanger at the end of Pirates 3, and it has Barbossa with Jack, so it can't be all bad :)

Chris Cesarano said...

On board with the "first was good, after that it died".

This trailer had me pretty apathetic until I realized that was Ian McShane not only playing a pirate, but playing Blackbeard.

But I don't know if it will be worth the movie ticket. Maybe a Netflix.