Thursday, December 02, 2010

Creationists to build $150 Million monument to stupidity in Kentucky

Because, apparently, a 30-story billboard reading "WE ARE TOO DUMB TO LIVE" would be too ostenstatious...

Incidentally, YES this is getting built via tax breaks, to the tune of over $37 Million. The outcry from Tea Party conservatives about this massive waste of taxpayer money has been... um... oh, wait. There hasn't been any.



Q said...

You sound surprised.

I'm just glad that America finally has a monument that future generations can look on and nod their heads silently exclaiming "Oh, those poor, poor IGNORANT fools and hypocrites. No wonder they all disappeared up their own ass."

M said...

On behalf of... aw, hell, who am I kidding? MOST of this state is batshit. We elected Rand Fraking Paul, for godssake. So, I guess, just on behalf of me and my friends and the handful of sane, science-loving, literate Kentuckians (most of whom live in Louisville), I apologize to the world for my state and especially my governor. No wonder the rest of you use Kentucky as a punchline in your jokes.

Eh, it gives us heathens something to be snarky about, I guess. I visited the Creation Museum on Open Day:

Your cousin in Louisville

Adam said...

As a semi-religious person, I don't agree with this project because it seems so ostentatious. Surely there are better things that could be done. Perhaps if the job creation they predict will pan out then that will be the one plus, but otherwise Disneyland-a-la-Jesus does seem to be missing the point of Christianity.

tyra menendez said...

There's an episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit, that deals with creationism and intelligent design and they talked to the founder of the museum (at least I think he was the founder, he certainly was running it, at the time. He may be dead, by now). That talking head bit he did, pretty much sums up the mentality of these people, for me.

Smashmatt202 said...

I could think of MUCH better things to waste time and money on, honestly.

Jonathan said...

Just by glacing at it, yes I have to agree it is awful.

But tax breaks =/= tax subsisdy.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...
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Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Bob, dude, your state has the Big Dig. Isn't that the multi-BILLION dollar road construction project that took two decades to build? And you're griping about a few million for a Kentucky tourist trap?

Will said...

I have nothing against creationist, they have their own beliefs and so be it. However, this just sticking a massive shoe up the Freedom of Religion's ass.

I would bet billions of dollars that if the exact same design was done but was, say, Islamic, it would be shot down in a heart beat. This is taxpayers money going towards a purely christian set up. Yes, it is technicality Jewish as well but that's only because the Bible is a Torah with an expansion pack.

I have a theory. Why don't we NOT spend millions of dollar on this alone but save it. How about we stop all stimulus packages and ridiculous tax breaks and use all that money saved so that we can afford to lower taxes.

Oh wait, that means we don't a massive Christian monument paid for by the Government with our money. Silly me, thinking our religious freedoms meant anything.

Adam said...

But Bob, they're going to include a recreation of the Tower of Babel!

Gonna go get my magic sword and start working on my grip strength...

Joshua said...

This is an awful idea, and not just because it's a Christian monument to utter idiocy (rant down below if you're interested).

This is bad because the idea that tourist traps will improve the economy over the long term is stupid.

The economy is only going to improve and stay good if we invest in something that's been in need of upgrades for years: Infrastructure and manufacturing.

We need better roads, schools, hospitals, power plants, electrical grids, and even better Internet access.

What's more is that we need a return to the manufacturing base we used to have. We need to make things here, right on our own soil. We need factories in urban centers.

There's a reason that China is one of the world's fastest growing economies and probably the least hurt economy of any that was hit by the global recession:

They invested in infrastructure, and they continue to manufacture everything from computers to fake dog poop.

Now, that said:

I really can't fathom that there are people so blinded by their faith that they believe the crap some of these "Creation Scientists" spew.

The thing I can't stand the most, though, is how these people believe that science "is its own religion" and "hasn't proven anything".

Fuck these mouth breathers. Science created computers. Science created rocket ships. Science allowed us to cure disease.

Yeah, Evolution is a THEORY, but so the hell are gravity, the laws motion, and the laws of induction.

The difference between THEORY (Like Evolution) and BULLSHIT (Like Creationism) is that THEORIES have a of modest amount of provable TRUTH.

And furthermore... I can't stand these people putting all these stupid, idiotic beliefs behind the curtain of "Oh, you have to tolerate it because it's my religion!"

The fuck I do. It's your right to believe what you want, but it's just as much my right to sit down in front of you and tell you why it's retarded.

Arman said...

You are confusing Tax breaks with hand outs, Bob. A Tax break is money the government decides not to rob from your pocket. A hand out is money they rob from my your pocket to give to someone else. There's a difference.

The things that set off secularists. Frankly, someone believing that God created the world is no where NEAR as threatening to me as someone who, say, believes that the world is gonna end in a few decades because of environmental decay unless we obliterate industry and tax the crap out of energy.

Arturo said...

I'm glad I don't live Kentucky, aywhere near it, or have the intent of visiting it in the forseeable future.

Rarer Monsters said...

I'd like to say, as a devout and faithful Catholic, that creationism is freaking stupid. The Pope has accepted Evolution, it is a scientific fact that has been proven and reproven a million times. Furthermore, nothing in the Bible contradicts it unless you read it with the complexity of a pop-up book. The only groups which support creationism are the factions of Bible Belt protestantism which have completely sold their religious legitimacy out and exist solely to prop up conservative politics by placing themselves at odds to anything remotely modern. Creationism is not a real belief, just a chance for them to butt heads and declare themselves as the sole arbiters of truth by being at odds with everyone else.

Just look at this group: They believe that Dinosaurs lived in the time of Jesus. I mean, I couldn't make up with a belief more ridiculous than that.

M said...


I find it hard to believe that the 900 jobs that are proposed will be given out on an equal opportunity basis. I feel quite confident that that's when the tax credits will truly be called into question-- when the theme park is selective in its hiring.

Based on my visit to the Creation Museum on opening day, it's clear that the Museum casts non-whites, at the very least, as Others, as opponents. Will there be room for ALL Kentuckians on the job at the Ark Park? Doubtful.

Joe said...


It's not a monument proclaiming God created the world. It's a monument proclaiming that Genesis 1 must be taken literally, while glossing over the fact that Genesis 2 contradicts it. But creationists haven't the first clue about science, why should I expect them to have read the Bible past page 2?

bobbzman said...

Actually a tax BREAK (as opposed to a subsidy) sounds right up the tea party's alley. Aren't they kinda against taxes?

Done right, a Genesis-themed amusement park could actually be pretty cool. But who are we kidding... it'll be another cheap Kentucky tourist trap.

Arman said...


So you think its stupid. That's fine. So what? Does this "monument" break your bone or pick your pocket? If so, get angry. If not, live and let live.


Exactly my thought. Its the Government NOT taking money from them. Not the Government handing money out to them.

And yah, I thought a Genesis theme park with a giant Noah's ark might be kinda cool....might be.

Benfea said...

Actually, I think this ark replica will be a wonderful inadvertent instrument for skepticism. Ardent believers will be confronted with a number of uncomfortable questions upon seeing this, such as:

**Wait, if that thing was made entirely of wood, how did it support its own weight and its cargo without snapping itself in half?

**Whoa. Didn't the Bible say one guy built this?

**There is no way two of every animal would fit on that thing, never mind all the food and other equipment it would take to care for those animals. This will of course be countered with the classic "kinds" explanation followed by the claim that evolution did in a couple of thousand years what creationists claim evolution couldn't do in millions of years.

**Wait. How can this be an "exact replica" when the Bible gives only vague descriptions and no one's ever found any blueprints?

I'm sure there's more that visitors will think of that I didn't.

Rarer Monsters said...

@Arman: You know, you had a perfect opportunity here to prove you weren't a self-absorbed hypocrit and you blew it.

Technically, a tax break is not a handout, no. In effect, it is the government deciding that a certain group does not have to pay the regular portion of his taxes. The result being that when the government needs money for, say, a road, the rest of the tax payers now must pay a greater portion of it while the tax break recipient pays a smaller portion than normal. The means are slightly different but the end result is the same.

Fancy rhetoric about "Stealing" is just a way for people like you to support conservatism while still pretending it's all part of "small government"

Arman said...

First of all, I think its important to note that the people behind the project are applying for a tax break. They haven't actually received it yet. Now I'm not a citizen of the state of Kentucky, so I really am not financially effected by this project at all. Thus I don't really have an opinion on wether or not tax breaks should be granted. Its really none of my business.

That said, roads are generally funded by fuel taxes so I'm not so sure how you come to conclusion that a tax break for an amusement park effects the budget for roads unless you were just using it as an interchangeable example. However even then, people are exempt from taxes for a variety of reasons all the time. You certainly seem to make a good case for reforming a dreadfully complicated tax code.

And I'm of the personal opinion that there comes a point where taxation becomes theft. A tenth of my earnings? Reasonable. A fifth? Obnoxious. A quarter? Absurd. Anymore? Oppressive. Again, that is my personal opinion.

Jonnyp555 said...

Creationism is a myth. I've seen plant of the apes... the good one, not the shitty one

a.m.bernal said...

Not being able to see the negative similarities between a tax-break and a hand-out is rather suspicious. Are you, sir, a religious fanatic? :D
But seriously, creationism is a lot of fun. My beef with is the Gentry Lee introduced his own version of intelligent design in the Rama sequels... and Arthur C. Clarke let him... Ughhh.