Thursday, December 30, 2010


"Extra Credits" tossed me a plug. Thanks, guys.

It's a good episode, too:


SaLaDiN_5 said...

LoL. "Tag you are it ,bob" -at the end gredits

Ankhwatcher said...

Well, it's only fair.

I first watched Extra Credits because you mentioned them, they owed you a plug.

daclarke1006 said...
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daclarke1006 said...

Thanks to the plug I heard about Game Overthinker for the first time after following your movie reviews for a long time.

And I found that video on "Being a Better Gamer"

I just wanted to say Thank You for that video. It was just the kick up my ass I needed to get my shit together. You are awesome!

Kyle said...

Work set up a new firewall, and I had to stop frequenting some of my favorite sites as ... uh... frequently. Almost all Were easy to let go, but I really miss The Escapist. I can't even watch videos posted here or on Facebook at work because they're from there.

So, I'll have to look into this Publisher's Club. I do have an iPhone. :)

I'm glad you all get along. The Escapist has a lot of the best video content on the internet.