Monday, January 03, 2011

AntiThinker arrives

Happy New Year!

So, here's what's happening over on the other blog:


Dave said...

Oh good, its another infantile strawman of a gaming demographic that doesn't actually exist so you can characterize anyone who doesn't worship nintendo as a psychotic moron. Nice to know that the litmus test for human morality is whether or not you like a certain brand of toy.

Yes, modern gamers sure are evil for liking narrative and character development. We really need to nip those things in the bud.

Interestingly enough, Mario was originally supposed to have a gun. The sky stages were supposed to be shmups. But they found that having a forward moving projectile made the game too easy, so they changed it.

Oh and John Madden? The series started in the 80s. That would be during your golden age, would it not?

Seriously, how old are you? Remember when your movies were about issues other than trying to get back at things for reminding you of the guys who beat you up in high school?

Lucas Neumann said...

Been a while since I last saw your movies Bob, hey, the GI Joe episode was pretty good, and what was that pussy out with Michael Bay in the last review? Come on man, the nerdy rage is some of your characteristis that differ you from the common critics.

For the anti-thinker... wasn't funny. Dave, I think you might be taking this a bit more seoriously than it's intended. It's pretty clear that Bob has something against the jocks, but let's chill and take the joke.

The real problem is, it's not funny. It's not a character, it's just you trying to make yourselve dumb.
And even then, you can't let go of the movie Bob, like when you are trying to be clever and make the anti thinker mistake things like the movie Total Reccall for a Terminator one.

I'm not gonna get in the "Bob is triyng to get back to the school bullies" since I've donne that, but please, if you can, don't extend this anti-thinker business more than a couple of episodes, it's really getting lame.

KevinCV said...

Unrelated, but I figured you might wanna know that the brilliant British actor known as Pete Postlethwaite has died. 3 days into 2011 and we've lost one of the most versatile actors I've ever had the pleasure of watching. :'(

Anyway, on to watching the AntiThinker...

REPTILE 0009 said...

Unrelated, but I want to clear something up for everyone. AMERICA DID NOT LOSE THE VIETNAM WAR!!
THE SOUTH VIETNAMESE DID!! How can we have lost a war we stop fighting? The fall of Saigon happened two years AFTER the American military. The last American troops departed in their entirety on March 29, 1973. We fought to an agreed stalemate.

REPTILE 0009 said...

Also the Antithinker does have a point, games back then were weird and stupid. Gaming today is much better now.

Willingdruid said...

That was much better than expected, I think if you play the Antithinker occasionally and don't wear it out, he could be a cool side character.

ZER0 said...

@Dave, gamers like the anti-thinker exist. Example? My little bro-in-law, hes 14 wears tap-out/ufc shirts and all he plays is FPS and sports games and just like the anti-thinker he considers everything else "gay". I remember buying BioShock 1 as a bday gift for him since he loves FPS so much...guess what? He says is boring and confusing. I wonder if the Anti-thinker like my little bro-in-law also worships Lil Wayne LOL

superuub1 said...

While you pulled it off better than I expected I still think anti should've been a different person who looked kinda like you. I mean Wario is Mario on drugs and a badass mustache so maybe shaving or getting someone like Hellsing920 if no one around you looked close enough would've worked out.

Still I wanna see where this goes after this game history stuff as I thought the idea would only go for one episode and then he'd just pop up now and again.

Hoping releases become more timely if this is the case.

TheDVDGrouch said...

Funny funny stuff I can't wait to see were you takes this next. Always I'm eagerly awaiting the Game Overthinkers triumphant return and the inevitable beatdown the Antirhinker is sure to receive.

MontHenryKnitly said...

one thing: if the antithinker took over the overthinker, why would you still be in control of moviebob? its not like they're seperate people are they? and even if they are, shouldn't there be some sort of anti moviebob out there? just wondering

akkuma420 said...



BOB... wtf is this shit!?

Your doing the ONE thing that everyone loved you for NOT doing.

Are you gonna be announcing your partnership with TGWTG soon?

When do you plan on making a video with Spoony?

I don't even know how to feel about this... I just feel betrayed if anything...

Mike said...

Just in case people read the warning at the beginning, but can't get the point of it, perhaps you should add "People like this exist, this persona is to make the viewer aware that such dumb-ass opinions are held by humans that presumably walk upright."

Secondly, how painful was it to make this? I can kind of tell in your voice that the stuff you are saying is enraging you as you say it.

Lastly, Samo-guys. Well played sir, well played.

Dave said...

@ Zero

Key word being 14. We were all just as stupid at 14. What nintendo faithful doesn't remember defending the cartridge format despite it driving away like 40% of the 3rd parties and pretty much handing gaming to sony for the next 10 years? 14 year old in my day hated nintendo for the bright colours (I love me some colour. Its the reason it took me till this gen to even try a non scifi shooter)

Perhaps doesn't exist is a little strong. Certainly not in any massive numbers. Kids are stupid as a rule. The only difference now is that A) we aren't them so we can see it. And B) they have more of an audience now. But they certainly aren't representative of an entire group.

And again, your cousin is 14, not 24.

@ akkuma.

Yeah but Doug is capable of looking at things objectively. He'll point out the stupid parts of things he does like (much like his merciless skewering of hook) and he'll point out the good parts of films most people consider to be garbage, like waterworld of the animated LOTR films.

Bob said...

I will say that, thus far, the biggest shock I've gotten out of this experience has been all the comparitive bashing of TGWTG - I've always found Doug etc's stuff to be pretty excellent overall.

He's running a great outfit over there with some really talented people and unique voices. Honestly, if the AntiThinker arc ends up turning out even 1/10th as good as the stuff TGWTG turns out on an impressively regular basis I'll be REALLY proud of it...

REPTILE 0009 said...

So yo Bob, if your listening, why do you hate Halo so much, and what does the antithinker think of Halo? Also have you played Black Ops and what do you think of it? To me, Black Ops is easily the best game of the year.

REPTILE 0009 said...

Also, I don't see how the Antithinker is that evil. He does bring some legit points about classic games, especially how stupid and weird they are.
Also, I just noticed a pattern between US and Russian firearms. US firearms tend to be lighter, have a high rate of fires, and have good accuracy. Russian firearms have lower rate of fires, and high stopping power, and are durable and cheap to produce. Maybe you should do a Big Picture episode on that:)

jameshayes said...

That was great. Seriously, I loved it. I'm looking forward to future episodes.

Smashmatt202 said...

Did I think last week was a joke? I kind of hoped it would be... No, actually, I knew it was a joke. A really bad one. And it's gone on longer than it has.

I don't see the point of this. Why invent a character like this, who's not only annoying, but obnoixious and unlikable. Even if that IS the point of the character, that's not an excuse for his existence. I can see right through this "evil doppleganger" facade and tell that this is just another was of hating the sort of gamer who, lets face it, isn't really as bad as you make it out to be and actually not as common as I was lead to believe...

And even though he's supposed to be wrong, some things do have a point... Like Pac-man was weird, even if it was fun an addicting. And a lot of stuff was weird back then. I mean, I liked it, but I'm kind of weird myself.

Also, who the Hell is HE complaining about, overweight people and out-of-shape nerds? The Antithinker is just as fat as MovieBob (no offense to the man himself). Maybe hypocrisy is also part of the point, but I already hate everything about the character so yeah.

And yeah, I don't think a ninja would stand much chance against a gun, personally. Hence why pirates are better. :P

So if the Antithinker likes Scarface, does that mean the real Bob doesn't? Why not, it's pretty damn good!

Wait... THERE'S MORE! WHY, BOB, WHY?! WHY MUST YOU MAKE US SUFFER LIKE THIS! This is not funny, or entertaining! This is just torture! In fact... I'm not going to watch the next episode. Yeah. Until you stop messing around with this shit, I'm not putting up with this anymore!

Darren said...

Overall I thought it was a pretty funny episode, not the best, but funny none the less.

Nafees said...

i'll be honest.

i haven't laughed this much with your videos...well ever.

you just need to further refine the character, not make him an idiot, just someone who is lazy and biased. the character is still cring worthy when he just brushes something off as gay and stupid, but i suppose that's the point

it's probably too late know, but probably shoud've have him be as over-analytical as you, but in a negative way. Like how you had mario with an ak, kill bowser and bang peach, yeah more lines like that. But still, this was very funny, and looking forward to wear this going

favourite quote of the video.

'my two favourite movies are scarface...and the directors cut of scarface'

Ezenwa said...


I agree. I'm very shocked with the TGWTG assaults, really.

Mike said...

You know what marks this as a good video? Twenty comments in nearly 12 hours, and all of them had content.

Sometimes pissing people off is the best way to get them thinking.

My only question would be "Why now instead of April Fools?" Then again, one expects douchbaggy doppelgangers to attack on that holiday. Better to have the edge of surprise.

Though you should have the Antithinker be the dumbass that goes "First" on the thread next time.

Clayton said...

I say go right ahead and keep this up. The game guys over that Glasses are talented and smart, but NONE of them have the stones or self-awareness to properly call the "hardcore" out on the bs they keep self-perpetuating.

I actually got into a discussion with some people recently about the baffling number of gaming protagonists who are eternally single. Heck, I could only name a handful of female protagonists who have love stories in their narratives let alone ones who are in relationships. Screw Samus taking orders from a man, WHAT IF SHE GOT A BOYFRIEND? Now THAT'S a crapstorm worth seeing.

Do I see guys like Spoony or Angry Joe bringing that kind of stuff up? No, I don't. The only other guy who does that is Daniel Floyd. Face it guys, we need a critic AGAINST us to make us aware of our bs.

Nafees said...


'nods in agreement'

Christopher said...

I like FPSes and some of the other stuff that Bob is criticizing as much as the next guy, probably more actually, but it is kind of refreshing to hear someone trashing them for a change. On balance, I'd still need to hear a thousand more people say FPSes suck to compare to all the times I've had to listen to people complain about JRPGs this year.

A Tribe Called Helloween said...

In regards to TGWTG, well let's just say alot of people have been following the ED page and Busy Street. And that's not to say they don't bring up good points. And their strongest point is: shows like these shouldn't have story arcs.

Its one thing if James Rolfe is reviewing a Bugs Bunny game and every so often he kicks Bugs Bunny in the ball bag, but its another thing when Linkara is spreading out a pointless story about the history of his gun that really has nothing to do with Silent Hill.

Popcorn Dave said...

Hi Bob, TGWTG is a fun site, but there's a lot of crap on it and I think you should be careful getting too close to their style. For every good video they do, there are 10 more self-indulgent comedy skits that go on waaaaaay too long and only serve to stroke the creator's ego. Most people I've heard, fans or not, agree that the WORST thing about that site is how often they end up going off on these lame "storylines" with overlong fight scenes and unimaginative nerd references. It's cheap, lazy and not funny. As others have said, many people liked your videos specifically BECAUSE they avoided that kind of crap, I really don't know why you'd want to go down that road.

Daniel said...


I have to defend Zero's argument, I play with my 14 year old cousin all the time and he's most definitely not at all like the 14 year old kids you are describing. He's a well rounded young man, he plays Kirby and Limbo as well as Uncharted and Halo as do many others his age. Don't you go generalizing such a broad group just to fit you're argument.

Back on topic: I enjoyed this. Most definitely not you're best work but still a good episode. I appreciate you giving the show a new spin although I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy you're older episodes a lot more.

I also think TGWTG has some really great reviewers.

Robert said...

Dear Bob,

You are not the angry video game nerd.

That is all.

vlademir1 said...

*sigh* The most painful part of this Antithinker shtick is reading the comments people are making. Yeah the Anithinker is a cringe worthy amalgamation of several fan demographics that rarely happens IRL, but so what as long, as the result is entertaining? I personally watch Bob, as well as the people from Channel Awesome, Cinemassacre and The Escapist, first as entertainment and second as informative.

Nathan said...

Besides two laugh worthy jokes in the last half (then, in the '90s you got to play as a gun), this lost its entertainment about a minute and a half in.

And as for informative, you established this character as being satire, and proceeded to do nothing with it but rant. You tore down your own view of gaming as a substitute for using this fictional character's hypothetical position. Which would have worked- jokes about how playing sports games is so deep and rewarding, or fps LITERALLY making a person "hardcore" (if only in their mind).

"This industry is HUGE. Why can't gaming be big enough to share with douchebags?"
"Oh, but THEY sit around making fun of us!"
This isn't high school anymore. Align yourself with likeminded individuals and you stop giving a shit what games other people play.
Or, perhaps have some real meaning for videos involving this character henceforth. "History of gaming from the point of view of a ignorant codpiece" is not interesting especially when done poorly.

REPTILE 0009 said...

How bout, instead of pissing off FPS gamers, try pissing off Nintendo, or Mario fanboys.

Smashmatt202 said...

Because he obviously likes Nintendo and he grew up with it, and..

You know what, that's a stupid question so nevermind.

Adam said...

I don't know anyone who plays Halo that didn't love/worship Mario. Your whole argument is void.