Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Big Picture: "Conspiracy Weary"


Ezenwa said...


We can only hope people don't cry conspiracy as much anymore, since, well, nothing is out of the ordinary anymore. That's how I see it.

REPTILE 0009 said...

Wait, does that mean that Stanley Kubrick was nut-job for making all those movies with conspiracy themes?

Q said...


Wait, which Kubrick films are you talking about? Strangelove?

'Back and to the left', Bob,'back and to the left'

REPTILE 0009 said...

No, I'm talking A Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut.

Dave Kraft said...


Great ending; I thought you were going to spin it into something with Cobra. After all, it's an evil group (which occasional masquerades as a not-for-profit medical corporation) that hides under an American suburb with an overly-generic name, to speak of conspiracies. ;)

And for the record, Bob..... bravo. This was a great vid, and you even gave us the big picture this time! And you get extra points for using material from your Uncanny Valley TGO vid (one of my favorites of your old videos).

I approve. :D

James said...

I'm probably the world's biggest sucker for asking this, but I hope you're joking with the whole "the real world sucks" schtick.

Actually, even if you are, I disagree with it. It only validates the whole "nerds aren't in touch with reality" argument the politicos are so fond off. In my experience, nerds are too dour. Dr. House is only funny because he's not your doctor, and all that.

Other than that minor little thing, great video! It's nice to see someone actually compare the Tea Party to David Icke, and it needs to happen more in the mainstream media. I shudder to see the politicians who only want to govern in an climate of (carefully constructed) fear.

Robert said...


checkmate bob

you lose, still love you though

John said...

@ Q: Those who claim that "back and to the left" is proof of another shooter in the Kennedy assassination clearly do not know much about firearms or ordnance. I've checked, repeatedly, and I cannot list a bullet in existence that could be fired accurately, at range, that would hit with enough force to physically knock his head back that would not also peel he head open like a banana.

Far more likely that "back and to the left" motion was a pain reflex gone awry because he had a bullet lodged in his brain. Not to say there isn't OTHER evidence to the supposed conspiracy, but "back and to the left" is not solid proof by any means.

Reverend Allan Ironside said...

Aawwww, does wittle Fox make Bob cry?
You know their ratings are trampling MSNBC, right? Right? So much that it's almost not fair. Like a grown man beating up a crippled kid.

Buuut, partisan bitching aside, I agree wholeheartedly. I don't buy into the Birthers any more than I buy into the Truthers.

Bob said...


That Fox gets massive ratings in a nation where "Transformers 2" is a hit, Jersey Shore is a cultural touchstone and only 4 in 10 people accept Evolution as scientific fact is not exactly a ringing endorsement of their worthiness ;)

Q said...


One, Kubrick didn't believe a damn thing he put in those films; he was just fucking around for the most part.

Two, Clockwork is a dystopia film and Eyes Wide Shut (while having not seen it) is more about paranoia which you could link to conspiracies but is more personal than that. I wouldn't classify either as a conspiracy film.

Interesting... but that still doesn't explain why the wound exploded the way it did or how Oswald was able to hit a moving target as well as he did. Or, maybe it does. SHOW ME YOUR SOURCES! WHO DO YOU WORK FOR!

nickfactory said...


Hey, I just wanted to say ... before I start anything, I really enjoy your show, and it is not my intention to start some flame war here, I'm not some insane religious extremist who, at the thought or mention of the support of evolution, writes the person off as some ignorant atheist who doesn't know what he's talking about because Fox news and my southern baptist preacher said 'bad things' about people like you, with that in mind ...

What's the relevance of 4 in 10 people accepting evolution as a scientific fact? I don't believe in evolution ... and? Does that make me lesser than you? Am I some ignorant statistic whose pass times are burning koran's? Am I a right wing fanatic who believes everything the Drudge Report and Fox news says? I feel insulted that you generalize people who don't believe in evolution as a fact to be on par with people who are die hard Jersey Shore fans, Or people who like big tits and Michael Bay movies, So what's the deal man? Am I some brutish american fag hating half christian because I don't believe in evolution?

(Again, Not my intention to start some religious flame war, I just wanted to state my opinion.)

madman_oreo said...

You people should check out 'new world order' by luke Meyer and Andrew Neel. It follows Alex Jones around, and I have to admit that the life of a conspiracy theorist is pretty entertaining. For instance a fire alarm being pulled at his hotel is obviously done by the lackeys of the Illuminati or some such bullhokey, and that car following you for a couple blocks is obviously more thugs of the man. Wouldn't life be so much more fun if things like that were true?

R said...


Not accepting evolution doesn't necessarily make you a fool, depending on the reason. The majority of people who deny evolution do so for religious reasons. That would make you a fool, just like who the people who believe the sun revolves around the earth are fools.

Some people don't accept evolution because they've never taken the time to understand it. If someone still doesn't accept it, then they are a fool.

Evolution is a FACT. The "theory of evolution" is the explanation of the fact. Evolution and common descent is not up for debate. It is a fact of this world, with more evidence behind it than most of the facts you accept day to day.

It doesn't make you crazy, or right-wing. But if you're denying evolution due to "beliefs", you are a fool. And if you deny it just because you don't understand it, you're doing yourself a huge disservice, because it's beautiful to understand life.

Jonathan said...

I'll just leave this "toothless nothing" here.

That aside, about evolution... Well some things are not scientifically falsifiable, like the existence of God, or long term macroevolution.

James said...

Nothing is really falsifiable, as you don't have an infinite number of tests. Speaking as someone who was a die-hard intelligent design supporter for most of my life, evolutionary theory really is the best current explanation. The reason why people are called "fools" for disbelieving it is because it really does form the basis for all current biology.

Darren said...

I'm surprised that he didn't mention anything on 9/11 that being the biggest conspiracy story really :/

Link3680 said...

1. Although I do believe that Oswald shot Kennedy, the people who think otherwise do have their facts.

2. Global Warming does exist, but if you look at the facts, it really looks like it's a natural cycle, like the Ice Ages.

3. The world is only as bad as you make it out to be. You want a better world, make a better world.

Anonymous said...

Confession time: I enjoy watching conspiracy theories docs. Moon landing fakery, Fema camps, NWO, you name it, I watch it. It’s not that I believe anything Alex Jones or David Icke says is true. It’s just a valid form of entertaiment for me. At the same time I find it sad that there so many people out there taking this kind of stuff so serious.

My favorite documentary is ‘Dark side of the moon’. It’s actually a mockumentary claiming that Kubrick is responsible for the moon landing videos. recommended watch.

tyra menendez said...

Like Oswald being a terrible shot and it requiring a world-class sniper to pull off that many rounds with a bolt action rifle, in that short of time?
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. Like how Firestone, Ford, and an oil company (Sinclair? I don't want to look it up), got together to buy L.A.'s trolley system, so they could dismantle it and build a freeway. To drive up the demand for cars, tires, and gasoline. Yes, the plot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was based on a real thing.

R said...

Macro-evolution is not "unfalsifiable". It would be easy to disprove it. Just find a single fossil that appears in a geological strata where it doesn't belong. A hominid in the Devonian era. A rabbit in the Pre-Cambrian. However, we don't find these things. We have the molecular, fossil, bio-geographical proof that macro-evolution occurred.

(By the way, macro-evolution is just micro-evolution over a long period of time. There's no limit on so called micro evolution. It's like saying I can walk a few steps, but I can't walk 100 miles eventually.)

If you want to learn about macro-evolution, study Tiktaalik, the 40 million evolution of the whale in Pakistan from 4 legged land creature to aquatic mammal, Homo Erectus and Homo Habilus and the various species of Australopithicus, Archaeopteryx and the other bird descendants of the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Bob- Regarding a picture you used in the video- the one with the dinosaurs with heavy weapons and combat armor- what is that from? I had a shitload of those toys when I was four, but can't for the life of me remember what they were called or where they came from. I've spent years- YEARS- trying to remember. Ayuda me, por favor?


Bob said...



Arman said...

Bob, I feel that you do a disservice to your argument by mischaracterizing your ideological opponent's views. Specifically in regard to the Birthers, and later Global Warming.

Birtherism is stupid, no doubt, but it isn't a core belief of the Tea Party. Its simply a widely discredited fad amongst Alex Jones followers that gained some momentary popularity amongst a freshly defeated right before fizzling away because frankly its politically toxic. It helps Obama more than it helps the Tea Party. (Which is precisely why Obama has done just enough to discredit it, but not enough to put the final nail in the coffin. Having a few wackos to prop as strawmen for your opponents is useful) You know what's a more insane conspiracy theory? That Sarah Palin caused the Gifford's assassination attempt.

And the skepticism over global warming is hardly what I'd call a crazed conspiracy theory. I doesn't make me a fool to question the validity of global warming hysteria when so called "scientists" continue to make apocalyptic claims that do not come true. The Himalayas are not melting. The CRU was caught lying. The world is not going to end, and we've suffered some of the harshest winters in ages.

But your central point is correct. Most conspiracies stem from the fact that some people can't accept that life is chaotic.


3 shots in 5-7 seconds is not hard by any stretch of the imagination. I can do it. Its easy. Assume the first shot is already chambered, all you'd have to do is pull the bolt back and forth twice, a process that takes about a second in the hands of a trained man. Oswald was an ex-Marine. (He also was a communist and JFK was an anti-communist. Think its worth mentioning)

Brand said...

Hey Bob, ever hear of the Gulf of Tonkin or Operation Northwoods?

astal said...

I stopped watching at around the 3 minute mark. Dreadful introduction and complete misinterpretation of 9/11 and the war in Iraq(there is tons, tons of evidence to build conspiracies off of) really did it for me.

Benfea said...

Wow. A Big Picture video I can agree with! It was bound to happen sooner or later. ;)