Friday, January 21, 2011

Escape to the Movies: "No Strings Attached"

It's alright.

"Intermission" is about Batman. Because.


Desperado said...

I absolutely love your reviews!

However, I would like humbly make a request.
Would it be possible to include reviews of movies made in other countries than the US?
There are some truly great movies out there and I would love to hear your take on them. I know a couple of good Korean or German ones but I am completely clueless when it comes to Bollywood. They are a huge industry. Perhaps a few gems can be found.

Lucas Neumann said...

Yeah Bob, why not, maybe do a foreign movie month maybe, that would be cool.

Anyways, liked the review, but no, I'm not gonna whatch it. Had enough of these movies...

Jason said...

I enjoyed your Intermission article this week. I also just got around to reading your Intermission article about Robin and I couldnt agree more. I love Robin and after reading your article, I couldnt help but think how awesome it would have been to see Nolan's take on the Batman/Robin dynamic.

Jon Ericson said...

Just out of curiosity, what would be the "edgy" way for the movie to be resolved that would piss off/scare the mainstream? Apparently the couple breaking up or getting together romantically isn't the answer.

PotRoast said...

@ Jon

Let the Right One In and 500 Days of Summer come to mind.

tyra menendez said...

I'll watch the review, later, this is about the Intermission.

Gritty realism? Nolan's Batman is about as realistic as an 80's action movie. Big, flashy gasoline explosions, semis the defy physics, a giant Lamborghini-tank that drives on rooftops without falling in and crashes through concrete without a fucking scratch, a Bat-Bike that's so unwieldy it had to be driven by specialized stuntmen in Batman suits as Bale couldn't keep the thing upright.
Nolan's Batman has all the realism of... oh I don't know, your average Frank Miller comic. Only thing is, Miller admits that's over-the-top and romanticized.
You want to know the nail in the coffin? The fucking Batcave. Without a doubt, the most fanciful, unrealistic thing in all of Batman, is the goddamn Batcave, where the goddamn Batman keeps his goddamn Bat-trophies. Even ignoring the giant penny and fullsize T-Rex model, it's impossible to keep a high tech lab/mechanic shop/work shop/etc functioning without a goddamn Bat-army of labor, never mind in a cave. Sorry, a goddamn Batcave.
And I'm not just picking on Bob, here, this is to everyone that believes that Nolan's goddamn Batman is in anyway realistic. Go look up how many people and hours it took to rebuild that section of the Pentagon, after 9/11 and tell me the goddamn Batman could keep his goddamn Bat-secret, with all those goddamn Bat-contractors working on the goddamn Batcave.

tyra menendez said...

However, I will agree that In and Out was rather good. But it was also directed by Frank Oz and starred Kevin Kline, so it's not really surprising that it hit all the right buttons, but also had the good fortune to be release at an appropriate time, when gay rights was really becoming a part of the national dialogue. See, the 90's weren't all bad.

adminsmithee said...

I can believe you talk Ashton kusher good stuff without mentioning
"The butterfly Effect" in my opion a Gem. (
Go rent it if you havent seen it yet!

Best Regards,