Saturday, January 08, 2011

Evil Squared

Superherohype has some POSSIBLE SPOILER scans from the UK version of SFX Magazine, purportedly showing Hugo Weaving holding what looks like a Certain Ridiculous Silver-Age Marvel Item in a still from "Captain America." This has been pretty heavily hinted at, but for those who'd consider it a POSSIBLE SPOILER the details are after the jump:

Hugo Weaving as pre-monsterface Red Skull, holding what would seem to be The Cosmic Cube. For those sans-context for that: What you're looking at is a Nazi holding up a Magic Wishing Rock. Yes, really.

It still trips me out that the various "Avengers" lead-ups are actually dipping this far into the stranger side of their universe right out of the gate - typically, stuff like this is the first thing a movie adaptation decides to drop. Awesome.


Nick said...

Whedon truly is a comic book geek...

Things are looking slightly grimmer for DC, however...

(oh yeah, and have you heard about the shooting in Arizona yet?)

Jwillx70 said...

Bob shouldn't your headline be Evil Cubed?


Further proof that DC needs to just let Bruce Timm handle all of their silver screen adaptions.

Jonathan said...

What if Marvel chooses to hire Bruce Timm?

From what very little I know about comic book history, DC has a long history of royalty and intellectual property backstabbing.

Jwillx70 said...


Well, if they did hire Bruce, we'd be treated to animated versions of this



but probably not this

They'd still need to bring in Paul Dini and Andrea Romano to everything perfect, but i'd still look pretty with out them.

Dave said...


The death of something that in all likelihood would never have worked isn't a bad thing.

Superhero tv shows are hard to do right outside animation. Even then, about half of them don't workout.

Maybe this way we can get a wonder woman movie.

Drunken Lemur said...

I wonder how they're going to work it in?

widowsweb said...

Hmm, didn't the Infinity Gauntlet show up amongst some Thor props?
Could Thanos be the Avengers villian?

Nicholas said...

Off topic comment here but I thought this would be right up Bob's alley, it's a piece off deviant art by the title Super Mario vs The World and its basically a Scott Pilgrim poster if it had been done by Nintendo,

Well I thought it was interesting.

Dave Kraft said...

Does anyone else think that Elrond here would've actually made a damn good Namor? Quite honestly, he looks a bit to "proper" to be a Nazi.

By the by, there have been newly released pics of Chris Evans in Captain America, and I must admit.... I'm surprised at how much he's bulked up for the role. This new shot makes me feel like this could possibly grow on me..... the actor in the role, I mean. The narrative will have to stand on its own two legs by itself for me to judge it positively, no doubt about that.