Monday, January 03, 2011

To Rule Them All

Today is JRR Tolkien's birthday.

At this point, what else can anyone really say? The sheer magnitude of modern popular culture that would simply not exist without his influence is awe-inspiring.


Ryan said...

Kudos for reminding us, Bob.

And I apologize for my comments on the True Grit vid. I shouldn't have criticized you for your remarks.

Keep up the good work on 2011. If all goes well, we'll kick this decade off with some great superhero films. Good luck reviewing them all.

KevinCV said...

Again, I agree with Ryan. Kudos for reminding us of this fantastic man. It's still sad that this day was the last for Pete Postlethwaite, though. So, I guess my day today has been pretty bittersweet.