Monday, January 10, 2011

Want to help a good cause?

The Brattle Theater here in Boston, one of the most renowned independent movie theaters in the region and the initial launchpad for what would become the legendary Janus Films, was savagely vandalized last week.

The Brattle Film Foundation, which operates it, is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to preserving neglected films and giving exposure to new cutting-edge works, so they are always in need of support to continue their work to begin with and costly damages like this only make it worse. If such things are of any interest to you, and you would like to help out this very worthy cause in some way, the information on how to do so can be found HERE.

I also want to extend personal thanks to Devin Faraci, who had this story up on his Badass Digest site earlier today.


Drunken Lemur said...

Hey, I didn't enjoy Sound of Music either, but you don't see me smashing up concession stands!

adi said...

I remember back in the 85-86 when my mother took me along with her to watch "Sound of music" in local cinema when i was just 7-8 years old. It was torture, pretty much gave me lifelong hate against musicals.

Its good they dont sell alcohol to 7-8 year old kids, me and my other same age friends would probably torched that cinema.

So .. i guess you have to blame parents ... and alcohol.